Password Management

Bringing human-centric security to everyone

As our online lives become subject to new and evolving threats, we’re doubling down on protecting the digital privacy and peace of mind of everyday people – at home and at work. 1Password has raised $620 million (USD) in the largest funding round ever for a Canadian company. Our latest round was led by ICONIQ Growth, with participation from other wonderful partners including Accel, Tiger Global, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Backbone Angels.

How to keep your business secure during the Great Resignation

Millions of workers are leaving their jobs after enduring stay-at-home lockdowns and reflecting on what they need to be truly happy and healthy. While the ‘Great Resignation’ could have a positive impact on society, it also represents a security risk for businesses of all sizes.

1Password's 2021 year in review - everything you might have missed

If year-end reviews have taught us anything, it’s that people love recaps that cram 12 months of growth and change into a five minute digestible read. Last year we worked hard to bring easy but secure password management to everyone – businesses and individuals alike.

Small Talk: why cybersecurity matters beyond the office

Business security is often associated with larger companies where employees spend most of their time in front of computers. This stereotype can lead small business owners – especially ones outside the tech industry – to think they’ll never be targeted by hackers and don’t need to invest in security. It’s a mistake that cybercriminals are exploiting.

Random but Memorable - Episode 8.6: Games Revival Outtake Special

Is there a better way to ring in the New Year than with the revival of all Random but Memorable's iconic games? What the Phrase, Real or Not Real, Play Your Passwords Right, Three Word Password, Ridiculous Requirements – whichever's your favourite, the gang's all here! Not only that, we've also included some bonus, long-requested outtakes (with the help of a trusty soundboard!) Listen to the chaos unfold as we uncover some lost gems from the show. (Some of which probably should have stayed lost...)

How to stay creatively inspired while working from home

Creativity can be fickle. One day, your brain is full of bright ideas you’re keen to jot down, develop, and share with others. The next day, you have nothing. Zilch. Not even a flicker of an idea. You suddenly feel like a world-class restaurant that’s run out of ingredients.

15 simple steps to stay secure at work without burning yourself out

No-one wants to feel burned out at work. Battling physical or emotional exhaustion can quickly impact your health, happiness, and any sense of professional fulfillment. That in turn can affect your productivity and the likelihood that you’ll make an honest mistake that puts your company’s data at risk.

Random but Memorable - Episode 8.5: Watchtower Awards 2021 Special

It's the end of another year and what better way to look back at the highs and lows than with the Watchtower Awards! 🏆 Strap yourselves in as we revisit some of the worst data breaches and most memorable tech moments of 2021. Want to know what will come out on top? Tune in to find out! 🏆 Anna also shares yet another terrible security joke, and we wrap up with our final thoughts from a rollercoaster year of podcasting.

How fully remote companies can create a culture of security from day one

In 2020, millions of businesses were thrust into remote work. What started as necessity has revealed lasting benefits for both employers and employees, though. The model improved productivity and employee morale, while lowering operational costs. Between these benefits and the continued priority of worker safety, many startups are launching with a remote or hybrid approach from the outset.