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Password Management

How to Share a Keeper Record on Android

Keeper’s Android mobile app makes it easy to securely share records with friends and family. To share a record with another Keeper user, select the record from your vault and tap Share, then Share with User. Enter the user's email address or select it from the dropdown, then use the toggle buttons to choose what permissions the user will receive such as: “Can Edit”, “Can Share” and "Make Owner". If you do not enable any permissions, the user will have “view only” access. Upon tapping Save, the user will receive an email notifying them that you have shared a record.

Stephen Balkam explains how parents can keep their children safe online

It’s a concern for families everywhere: keeping kids safe online. For parents with teenagers, there’s the added complication of trying to balance a child’s safety with their right to privacy. But is online safety just families’ problem?

Password Length vs Complexity: Which Is More Important?

In this video, learn about the differences between password length and complexity, which is more important, and four tips to improve password security in your organization. Learn more about: Resources and social media: Transcript: It’s no secret that passwords aren’t foolproof. In fact, the most common way that hackers infiltrate an organization is through stolen credentials. But until the day that everything has shifted to passwordless authentication, passwords are still necessary. So, how can we make them as strong and effective as possible?

How to Install Keeper Commander CLI

Keeper Commander is a command-line and SDK interface to Keeper® Password Manager. Commander can be used to access and control your Keeper vault, perform administrative functions (such as end-user onboarding and data import/export), run reports and create custom automations. Keeper Commander is an open source project with contributions from Keeper's engineering team and partners. Keeper recommends installing Commander using the binary installation. On the Commander Github page, the current commander build is always available via the releases link.

Keeper 101 - How to Autofill Passwords and Forms With KeeperFill

Introduction KeeperFill is Keeper’s powerful, autofilling feature that works across all devices, allowing you to automatically and securely enter your usernames, passwords, passkeys, 2FA codes and more. I KeeperFill is available for every web browser including: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, Brave and any other Chromium-based browser.

Keeper 101 - How to Change Passwords Using Keeper

Long, randomly generated passwords that are created for each of your account logins help protect you from cybertheft and account takeover. This video will review KeeperFill’s password change feature using the password generator, which makes the process of changing high-risk passwords easy and secure. To begin, be sure you’ve installed our KeeperFill Browser Extension.

Keeper for Teams and Small Business 3 Minute Demo

Keeper eliminates the pain of having to remember passwords while protecting your business from password-related data breaches and cyberthreats. This video will demonstrate all that Keeper has to offer your small business and provide you with step-by-step instructions to get your team up and running in no time. If you're looking for an Enterprise demo with SSO and advanced capabilities, make sure to check out Keeper Enterprise.