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7 Most Secure and Private Messenger Apps

People using messaging apps crave a dedicated space to conveniently chat, collaborate and organize with others. However, there are growing concerns about data privacy for at least 8 in 10 adult consumers worldwide. These are the people who have fallen prey to online scams due to privacy breaches. While some consumers would happily do a data trade-off on certain aspects of online safety for increased convenience, a vast majority would rather not.


How End-to-End Encryption in Messaging Apps Benefits Your Business

Encryption means converting data (in the form of plain text) into a code that is unreadable by humans to prevent unauthorized access. There are many types of encryption, and they include encryption in transit, encryption at rest, and end-to-end encryption. Among them, end-to-end encryption is probably the best for communication services.


Improve Workflow Collaboration with Slack Integration for ZenGRC

Not long ago, we’d say “slack” to describe not working, as in “slacking on the job.” With the advent of the Slack app, though, the term has become synonymous with productivity. And Slack’s ability to work in tandem with hundreds of applications makes this popular team communication and collaboration tool even more useful.


Egnyte Extends Integration with Microsoft Teams

Egnyte is committed to building an ecosystem of solutions that help organizations collaborate more effectively and securely. Our ongoing work with Microsoft Teams, which already includes Egnyte capabilities through Collaboration Tab and Messaging Extension, is an important part of this goal.