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Incident Response


Automate incident response and security workflows with Blink in the Datadog Marketplace

Security and DevOps engineers often spend a lot of time and effort creating and managing complex, repetitive workflows, such as incident response, honeypotting, recovery and remediation, and more. Blink is a no-code security platform that enables users to create workflow automations, triggers, and self-service apps to streamline processes, better enforce guardrails, and eliminate operational bottlenecks.


How to Make SBOMs Work for Incident Response

In a world where software tools are spawning businesses each day, and cyberattacks and threats are increasing rapidly, ensuring the clarity and security of these tools has become a top priority. Regulators suggest new tools and standards to ease the complexities in a software supply chain. One such tool is the Software Bill of Materials (SBOM). It lists all the components used in building the software and helps identify the weak spots.


Level Up Your Incident Response Playbook with These 5 Tips

Data breaches loom large for organizations big and small. On top of being incredibly time-consuming, they can lead to legal damages, shattered customer trust, and severe financial fallout—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. ‍ ‍ Laws and technologies are constantly evolving, which means that, in turn, security strategies must always adapt to keep up.


RAM dump: Understanding its importance and the process

In the realm of digital forensics and incident response, the analysis of volatile memory, commonly referred to as RAM (Random Access Memory), plays a pivotal role in extracting crucial evidence and uncovering valuable information. RAM dump - the process of capturing the contents of a computer's memory, is a vital step in preserving volatile data for forensic examination.

How to Protect Your Business in the Aftermath of a Cyber Crime

The threat of cybercrime looms large over today's digital business landscape. From small startups to established enterprises, no organization is immune to this escalating threat. When a cyberattack occurs, the aftermath can be devastating and disorienting, but the steps taken in the immediate aftermath can significantly determine the business's recovery and future resilience.

Balancing Cybercrime Incident Response: Forensics vs. Business Priorities

In today's digital landscape, incident response is a critical aspect of cybersecurity. However, achieving the right balance between conducting extensive forensics and addressing pressing business concerns is vital. Join us in this enlightening video as we explore the complexities of handling security incidents and uncover the reality that often differs from the traditional view of cyber attacks.

What is an incident response plan (IRP) and how effective is your incident response posture?

As everyone looks about, sirens begin to sound, creating a sense of urgency; they only have a split second to determine what to do next. The announcer repeats himself over the loudspeaker in short bursts... This is not a drill; report to your individual formations and proceed to the allocated zone by following the numbers on your squad leader's red cap. I take a breather and contemplate whether this is an evacuation. What underlying danger is entering our daily activities? 1…2….3….


What is the difference between incident response & threat hunting?

When it comes to protecting data in an evolving threat landscape, two common strategies are at the forefront: incident response and threat hunting. While both processes can safeguard an organization's data, their approaches, objectives, and execution differ significantly. Understanding the differences between the two strategies is critical for organizations aiming to.

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What Is Practitioner-Focused Cybersecurity?

A basic Google search for the term “cybersecurity” will turn up dozens of competing advertisements for companies promising to solve all your security woes and keep attackers at bay with their version of a “technology silver bullet” – the end all be all that you must, according to them, purchase right now. It’s not that technology isn’t essential to your security strategy; it’s vital!