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Windows Security Event Log Best Practices

If your company is like many others, it probably invested heavily in the Microsoft ecosystem. Microsoft has been around since the 1980s, focusing primarily on business technologies. It has a reputation for compatibility which gives you more purchasing options across devices and accessories. Unfortunately, this reach across corporate IT environments means that malicious actors target everything associated with Microsoft.


Leveraging Devo Activeboards for Incident Response

How to Create an IP Search Activeboard How to Add More Data How to Create a User Search Activeboard Having the ability to easily visualize and analyze security data is key to being able to quickly spot and thwart bad actors. Devo provides an easy way to do this with Devo Activeboards, an intuitive, interactive way to visualize data being ingested into the Devo Platform. Activeboards can be used to assist analysts in incident response (IR) or threat hunting activities. How?

Coffee Talk with SURGe: Ticketmaster, Apple Hardware Security Keys, Ukraine, Cognitive Biases

Grab a cup of coffee and join Ryan Kovar, Mick Baccio, and Audra Streetman for another episode of Coffee Talk with SURGe. The team from Splunk will discuss the latest security news, including: Mick and Ryan also competed in a 60 second charity challenge to explain how cognitive biases can negatively impact cyber threat intelligence assessments.

Security Awareness and Log Management for Security Analysts

For today’s remote workforce, security professionals need technical security awareness education distinct from the rest of the company’s “don’t click a phishing link” training. Security analysts know how to recognize phishing emails and set secure passwords. However, where does that leave them when it comes to security awareness?


Importing Logs from FluentD into Falcon LogScale

One of the primary debugging tools for a cloud-native developer is the simple, humble log file. Some malfunctioning systems can be impossible to debug without them. FluentD is an open source log collector that provides unified log processing across multiple emitter systems, either on the same logical device or separate devices. For example, on a single k8s pod, logs are emitted from the pod itself, the container running in the pod and the microservice running in the container.


How to Inspire Privacy Best Practices Throughout Your Organization

In our post-pandemic world, more and more individuals are splitting their time between the corporate office and their home office or working remotely full-time. This shift is blurring the lines between professional and personal cyber hygiene and privacy, which can pose a significant risk to organizations.


The Ethical Hacking Guide: Hacking for Security

Companies are under more threat than ever. The rise in cyber threats is alarming: 2021 saw a 30% increase in cyberattacks compared with 2020. Even sophisticated systems with complex countermeasure technologies for security may be vulnerable to attack. Many organizations turn to hackers to counteract these threats. Ethical hackers use the tools and methods of malicious actors to help companies pinpoint their weaknesses and build a more resilient and secure system.


Shift Left Security: How To Shift Security Left for Software Development

For a long time, security and development were two distinct aspects of programming. As organizations started to leverage software and technology as differentiating factors, the speed and quality of development became more important than ever. Organizations no longer had time after development was complete to address security vulnerabilities. Catching vulnerabilities too late opens companies up to unnecessary risk and can be costly to fix.


Importing Logs from Logstash into Falcon LogScale

Logging is an important tool in the cloud developer’s toolbox. It can be the critical component used to discover why your authentication service can’t connect to its database or why your API gateway is not routing upstream traffic correctly. Today, humans are not the only ones reading logs. Machines are also participating in the logging landscape by helping identify patterns (and outliers) in your system logs.