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The 443 Episode 224 - Reviving a Dead Botnet

This week on the podcast we cover a recent analysis by Mandiant on a Russia-based APT using a decade old botnet to deliver new attacks. Before that, we cover an update from LastPass about their most recent breach as well as the 200 million Twitter accounts leaked last week. The 443 Security Simplified is a weekly podcast that gets inside the minds of leading white-hat hackers and security researchers, covering the latest cybersecurity headlines and trends.

Netacea Achieves SOC 2 Compliance in Data Security, Availability, Confidentiality, and Privacy

Today, we’re proud to announce that Netacea is officially SOC 2 Type I compliant across four areas: security, availability, confidentiality, and privacy. This significant achievement demonstrates our commitment to keeping customer data safe and secure. While delivering the most accurate bot detection capability in the market, and protecting millions of accounts and transactions daily, Netacea processes and stores trillions of rows of customer data.


Businesses are Losing Big to Credential Stuffing Attacks

This week it was revealed that a huge credential stuffing attack had cost sports betting organization DraftKings $300,000. More specifically, cyber-crooks had used credential stuffing to gain access to many DraftKings customer accounts via a large-scale account takeover (ATO) attack and withdrawn funds. DraftKings has subsequently reimbursed the affected accounts, leaving the business out of pocket rather than its customers.


How to Get Ahead of the Bots Coming for Your Business in 2023

We’re looking forward to hearing Forrester’s research into bot threats over the past year, and sharing expert opinions on what businesses need to watch out for going into 2023, in an upcoming webinar. The webinar will feature Forrester Senior Analyst Janet Worthington, alongside our CPO and co-founder Andy Still and Head of Threat Research Matthew Gracey McMinn. Register now: How will bots impact your business in 2023?

The State of Bot Management 2022 - Netacea

In 2021, we published our first “Cost of Bots” report. 2021 was a time of flux, of lockdowns, furloughs, and home working. A lot of predictions were made as to how this would change cybersecurity. A year on from our cost of bots report, we wanted to know what has changed. Has remote working led to a new wave of bot attacks? Is there a better understanding of how these attacks work? Are businesses fighting back, or losing the war?

The Ultimate List of Biggest Bot Attacks Ever

Bots have been in the news a lot lately. Before committing to the Twitter takeover, Elon Musk cited huge bot numbers as a hurdle in completing the deal. Social media bots have also been blamed for interfering in elections and other political processes in recent years. Despite the current focus on bots, they’re not a new phenomenon. Bots have been around for decades — and some have caused serious damage to businesses around the world.

How Skewed Analytics Leads to Bad Marketing | Cybersecurity Sessions #13 with Matt Wilkinson

In a recent Netacea report, 60% of businesses reported a minor financial impact caused by bots skewing their analytics, and with the busiest eCommerce period of the year fast approaching, businesses need to fight back. How do bots affect businesses’ data, marketing campaigns and paid media planning? Host and Principal Security Researcher Cyril Noel-Tagoe is joined by Spike’s Head of Paid Media Matt Wilkinson to discuss the effect bots will have on marketing analytics this Black Friday and how to keep your enterprise’s analytics safe from automated threats during periods of peak traffic.

The Ultimate Guide to Distributing Security Skills Across Your Business

As cyberattacks become more prolific, the spotlight is on the cybersecurity skills shortage impacting businesses around the world. Cybersecurity staff are leaving the industry in droves, due to high stress levels and unrealistic expectations about cyberattack prevention. As a result, the cybersecurity strategy in many businesses must shift. Security should no longer fall just within the remit of select team members. Instead, everyone in the business must be responsible for keeping systems secure.


Black Friday Cautionary Tales: Phishing, Card Cracking, and Gift Card Fraud

Christmas shopping season is a lucrative time of year for cybercriminals. In the UK alone, shoppers lost more than £15 million to fraud in the run-up to Christmas 2020. Of this, £2.5 million was lost over a single weekend: Black Friday to Cyber Monday. Online shopping scams are expected to ramp up ahead of Black Friday this year, too. Card cracking is particularly high risk, as heightened traffic volumes make it more difficult for many retailers to detect high volume brute force attacks.