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Can your business justify the cost of bot management?

‘Measure the Real Cost of Cybersecurity Protection’, by Gartner® analysts Stewart Buchanan, Paul Proctor and Bryan Hayes, is available for a complimentary download from the Netacea website until 31st August 2022. We think the report teaches how to use outcome-driven metrics to set protection-level agreements (PLAs), gaining business stakeholder support and the budget approval needed to deliver them.


Uncovering the scraper bots plaguing APIs

Most cyber threats — like credential stuffing and card cracking — are committed by fraudsters with the aim of stealing money, data, or both. The law is clear on these cyberattacks: online fraud is illegal. But unlike these overtly malicious threats, web scraping isn’t always illegal, or even unethical. Aggregator sites like travel agencies and price comparison websites use scraper bots to help customers find the best deals.

Mentoring in cybersecurity | Cybersecurity Sessions #10 with Gabrielle Botbol

Mentoring is essential to closing the cybersecurity skills gap, especially in realizing the potential of people from underrepresented communities. In recent years many newcomers to cyber have been mentored by Gabrielle Botbol. Since teaching herself how to be a pentester, she has become recognized as one of Canada’s top 20 women in cybersecurity. Andy Still finds out how Gabrielle entered the world of cybersecurity after leaving another vocation, and how she is helping the next generation of women and underrepresented communities follow her ‘six steps to becoming a pentester’.

5 ways to improve payment security in your business

Payment fraud is a huge problem for eCommerce and online retail businesses. Even among the world’s biggest companies, there are horror stories about payment security problems like credit card data theft and financial fraud: Cyberthreats like carding attacks are responsible for most modern large-scale data theft. Payment fraud losses cost companies more than $33 billion in 2021 — and this is expected to rise to more than $40 billion by 2027.


How to manage new threats unleashed by the Internet of Things

From TVs to fridges to energy meters, more and more of the items we use every day are now smart devices. 87% of US households have at least one smart TV, up from 50% in 2014. And with ownership of smart speakers, thermostats, lights, and security systems also on the rise, it’s expected that smart homes will soon become the norm. This ever-expanding network of smart devices is known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

Security and privacy | Cybersecurity Sessions #9 with Charlie Osborne

Many businesses argue that they need to collect information about customers to verify who they are and secure their accounts. However, this is at odds with online privacy advocates, who say organizations are compromising our security by collecting far too much information about us. In this episode, Netacea co-founder Andy Still talks to @ZDNet cybersecurity journalist Charlie Osborne about the intrinsic link between security and privacy, how legislation like the GDPR has strengthened both, and where responsibility lies for protecting our privacy online.

Does bot management strengthen customer loyalty and engagement?

Organizations can create a level of greater trust between digital businesses and their customers by using sophisticated bot management solutions, as we understand from a recent Gartner ® report. ‘Don’t Treat Your Customer Like a Criminal’, by Gartner analysts Tricia Phillips, Jonathan Care and Akif Khan, is available for a complimentary download from the Netacea website until 31st July 2022.