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The eCommerce Manager's Guide to Bot Protection

Are you an eCommerce Manager who keeps being asked about bot visitors by security and fraud teams? You’re not alone, as the issue of bot attacks such as scalping, scraping and account takeover cross multiple business functions – everyone has their role in stopping bad bots. It’s time to up your bot knowledge and do your part in mitigating these attacks. Here’s what you need to know.


Deliver fair, bot-free hype drops with Netacea + Queue-it

It's 8.58am, the tickets to your favorite band's latest tour are about to go on sale and you're poised, credit card in hand, ready to secure the hottest tickets in town. Only, once you make it to the front of the virtual queue, the tickets have all been snapped up by scalpers. Or you're faced with the dreaded message, "server busy, try again later". If you think this is unfair, you’re not alone.


Scalpers Force Barbie Collectors to Pay up to 1,200% More for Stevie Nicks Doll

Scalpers aren’t just interested in snagging the final Yeezy drops, the newest Air Jordans or tickets to see Taylor Swift on tour. They’ve also been saying “Hey, Barbie” to the latest Mattel collaboration with rock icon and Barbie enthusiast Stevie Nicks. Evidence gathered by Netacea suggests that scalper bots were involved when pre-orders for the limited-edition Stevie Nicks Barbie, unveiled by the Fleetwood Mac legend during a recent concert, sold out almost immediately.


Netacea, BT & Cranfield University Experts Weigh In on Cumulative Cost of Bots

A panel of cybersecurity experts from BT, Cranfield University and Netacea recently came together to discuss the accumulating cost businesses face due to malicious automation. The webinar is now available to watch on demand (scroll to the bottom of this page or click here to watch it in full). You’ll hear our specialist panel analyze results from this year’s extensive survey into what bot attacks cost enterprise businesses.

Cybersecurity Sessions S02E06: Privacy & ChatGPT, Credential Stuffing 23andMe, Freebie Bots

To start this month’s episode, we once again weigh in on AI – this time considering the privacy implications when feeding prompts into generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard. We’ll discuss whether it’s safe to share company IP or your own personal information into such tools, before hearing how we approach this at Netacea from Principal Software Engineer John Beech.

Bot Attacks Are Costing Businesses As Much As Traditional Cyberattacks

Security professionals would be considered foolish if they didn’t have a plan to mitigate a ransomware attack, especially for businesses generating hundreds of millions, if not billions, in turnover. And yet, a threat type that isn’t given nearly the same level of concern by the top brass – malicious automation carried out by bad bots – is costing these companies just as much, if not more, every year.