Case Study

How Lunar shifted security left while building a cloud native bank

At SnykCon 2021, there were a number of insightful talks from companies that were able to build successful AppSec programs. As the Lead Platform Architect at Lunar and a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) ambassador, Kasper Nissen’s presentation was no exception. In this post, we’ll recap Nissen’s talk about how his security team at Lunar was able to shift security left while building a cloud native bank.

Procore + Egnyte | Optimizing Efficiency With An Integrated Solution

In this video, Procore’s Senior Director of Business Development, Kris Lengieza, discusses how mutual Egnyte and Procore customers can use the integrated software solution to work more efficiently. Integrated software solutions are critical to improved productivity, particularly for the construction industry. The increasing number of tools used per project makes a non-integrated environment very costly and time-consuming due to double entry, plus the need to jump between applications.

Confidence In Action: Investment Bank Uses Forward Networks To Verify Automation Software

Several years ago, a global investment bank embarked on an ambitious plan to automate its network configuration deployment process and use internal teams to run all aspects of network operations. The move was made, in part, because of the fluidity of the bank's network, which is constantly undergoing configuration changes.

Decibel Therapeutics Transforms Clinical Trial Document Management with Egnyte

The documentation around clinical studies is large and diverse – and it all must adhere to GxP standards. Learn how Heather Wolff, Vice President, Clinical Development Operations at Decibel Therapeutics, and her team of data managers, clinical operation experts, regulatory operations, medical writers, and biostats use Egnyte to streamline their compliance and data management processes. And, to learn more about how Egnyte helps other life sciences companies store, share, and audit critical documentation around clinical trials, visit:

Sentara Uses Identity to Help Drive Better Health Outcomes

I spent part of the summer helping my mother recover from a major surgery. During our time together, she asked: “What is it your company does again?” So I explained: “We help manage digital identities. For example, if your healthcare system used ForgeRock, you could login to the website and see your records and medications from your surgeon, your GI specialist, your general practitioner, your physical therapist and more.

From Days To Minutes: Digital Media Provider Uses Forward Networks To Overhaul Reconciliation

Editor's Note: As leader of our customer success team, Yadhu works directly with our users and their leadership to solve real-world technology problems. This blog is the first of a new series featuring how our customers are using the Forward Enterprise platform to deliver business value. Enterprise IT teams around the world are frustratingly familiar with the process of vendor contract reconciliation, the annual process of ensuring that the support contracts for devices in the network are accurate.

Snyk Customer Story: ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign's Amar Patel, Engineering Manager, and Ben Harold, Senior Software Engineer share their experiences with Snyk. Snyk helps ActiveCampaign "identify vulnerabilities and communicate with upper management about the risks that need to be addressed." With Snyk, ActiveCampaign can gain get better insights into the risks on their platform and better address those risks in a more streamlined and frictionless manner.

Case Study: Medical Software Company GSI Revamps Container Security with Rezilion Validate

In the software development process, knowing exactly which vulnerabilities to focus on and which to downplay, or ignore because they pose no significant threat, is vital for increasing efficiency and applying fixes quickly and effectively. Security can be tricky in a DevOps environment, because if it’s applied too stringently, can keep products from being released in a timely manner. If it’s treated too passively, risks can quickly accumulate.

How SECUDE HALOCORE helps Infosys extend data protection outside the organization

Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. It enables clients in 46 countries to navigate their digital transformation. With $13 Billion USD as its last 12 month’s revenue, serving a client base of 1500 customers, human capital of 249K employees, and managing millions of square feet of real estate.