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AT&T Cybersecurity's Partner Program and SentinelOne enter managed XDR market with robust alliance

The partnership between these two market-leading vendors enables MSSPs around the world to fast-track cutting-edge MXDR services. AT&T, the leader in network and managed security services, and SentinelOne, the leader in next generation, autonomous endpoint protection, today announced a strategic alliance to help prevent cybercrime.

Siemplify Security Operations SOAR Platform Tour For MSSPs

Siemplify, now part of Google Cloud, is on a mission to re-envision managed security operations. Typical SOC challenges haven’t changed much over the years, it’s still the same familiar list – growing attack volumes, higher levels of threat sophistication, analyst skills and hiring gaps, and the need to quickly adapt. And despite best efforts, traditional, on-premises, siloed, in-house SOC models haven’t yet been able to break the code on how to solve these challenges.

What to Expect from a Managed Security Service (MSS)

Organisations are increasingly turning to managed security service (MSS) providers to outsource their cybersecurity. But what should you expect from an MSS? This video provides an overview of the benefits, features and services offered by MSS providers.#managedsecurity #MSS Cyphere is a UK-based cyber security services provider helping organisations to secure their most prized assets. We provide technical risk assessment (pen testing/ethical hacking) and managed security services. This advice is a true third party opinion, free from any vendor inclinations or reselling objectives.

Cost-effective Managed SIEM Service

Contract with a third-party for managed SIEM services is increasingly affordable and requested by all-size organizations. Without any doubt, the advantages associated with this service allow monitoring, analyzing, and responding to cyber security threats more cost-effectively. However, what is a managed SIEM precisely? Is the price the only feature to take into account? What is the difference between a managed SIEM Provider (MSP) and a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP)?

Working with MSSPs to optimize XDR

Businesses today have many tools in their security stack and security teams find themselves spending too much time managing the tools and not enough time tackling business-critical projects. Security tool overload creates internal challenges and distracts from the primary business mission. How can companies better protect themselves while staying on track to achieve goals?

Talion: An MSSP SOAR Case Study from Siemplify

Talion, a U.K.-based MSSP, was operating multiple SIEM environments, facing alert overload, skills deficits and burned-out analysts. Here is the story how the Siemplify Security Operation Platform provided Talion with not only a way to counter an unsustainable caseload but also advanced capabilities that have allowed Talion to grow revenue through new offerings to clients, including collaboration and the ability to respond to alerts "on the fly."

Scale and mature your AppSec program with a managed services partner

A managed services partner should do more than run the tests you choose. The right partner will work with you to shape your application security program. If your firm has attempted to hire internal security experts lately, you know they’re few and far between.

Better Together: The Power of Managed Cybersecurity Services in the Face of Pressing Global Security Challenges

The results from the 2021 Global Security Attitude Survey paint a bleak picture of how organizations globally are feeling about the cybersecurity landscape before them. Organizations are grappling with shortages of cybersecurity skills and a lack of capability to detect and contain intrusions in a timely way.

MDR or MSSP? A Comparison Guide

In today's hyper-connected world, cyberattack risks have never been more pronounced. Threat actors continue to develop malicious, ingenious tricks and techniques to stay one step ahead of security systems and response specialists. As a result, a more focused and proactive approach to detecting, investigating, and responding to threats is required. In this guide, we break down the comparison between Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and Managed Security Services (MSS) and how to determine what to look for in providers.