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How Amazon Marketing Agencies and Sellers Work Together

For businesses selling products on Amazon's massive e-commerce platform, the opportunities for growth and revenue are immense. But so is the competition from other sellers vying for the same digital real estate and customer attention. Given these intense market dynamics, many brands wisely choose to partner with specialized Amazon marketing agencies to elevate their product visibility and conversion rates.

SASE for Retail: Growing the Bottom Line

Retail and hospitality businesses prioritize delivering exceptional customer service and growing revenue. Just as their mission relies on a service-oriented staff and quality products, it also requires secure and reliable connectivity. A high performing and secure network enables retailers to offer consistent and positive consumer interactions across online and physical stores around the world.

Emerging Threats: What's New in the Cybersecurity Landscape?

In a time where sensitive information is increasingly moving online, AI systems are developing and we are increasingly relying on the internet in our day-to-day activities, cybersecurity threats loom larger than ever. A recent study found that cyber attacks are escalating at an unprecedented rate, with a new attack now occurring every 39 seconds. While a startling statistic, this shouldn't come as a surprise, in 2024 just about everyone is inundated with hacking attempts and scams whether the attack is a phone call, text, email or malicious software.

Enhancing Shopper Safety: The Role of Mall Security in Today's Retail Environment

Mall security teams play a crucial role in making sure everyone who visits feels secure and protected. With the rise of online shopping, malls are working harder to provide a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone who walks through their doors.  Security professionals use the latest technology and strategies to prevent theft, manage crowds, and handle emergencies quickly and effectively. Their presence deters potential threats and offers shoppers and staff peace of mind. 

The role of proxies in e-commerce: Boosting online retail success

Just as the heart keeps the body going, unseen and often not thought about unless something goes wrong, so do proxies serve as the hidden engines that power the bustling world of online retail. They are the invisible assistants that work hard to ensure the storefront—that shiny website filled with enticing products—remains the focus of our shopping experience.

A Guide to the 2 Main Types of Retail & E-Commerce Fraud

The first step in combating retail fraud is learning which forms it takes. That’s easy enough, because there are two main types of retail and eCommerce fraud today: The second step in stopping retail fraud from harming your business is to understand how each type of fraud works, then implement a strategy to protect against it.

How Freebie Bots Turn Scalping on its Head to Rip Off Retailers

For years Netacea has been reporting on the evolving scalper bot landscape. From the early days of sneaker bots, through to hobbyists snatching PlayStation 5 consoles and even vaccine appointments throughout the pandemic, we’ve closely monitored what items scalpers target. Now, a whole new breed of scalper bot has emerged – one that exploits discounts and pricing errors instead of exclusive hype drops, costing retailers hundreds of thousands in lost inventory.

The Future of Retail: In-store Biometric-Enabled Transactions

The world of retail is undergoing a significant transformation, largely driven by technological advancements. One of the most notable changes is the rapid growth of in-store biometric-enabled transactions. A recent study by Juniper Research highlights this trend, projecting a 138% growth in the number of transactions carried out via biometric-enabled Point of Sale (PoS) terminals, soaring from 19.5 billion in 2023 to an impressive scale globally by 2028.

Bulletproofing the retail cloud with API security

Application programming interface (API) security is critical for retailers increasingly reliant on cloud technology. However, they also open potential gateways for cyber threats, making robust security protocols essential to protect sensitive data and maintain customer trust. The complexity of retail systems, which often involve numerous third-party integrations, can create multiple points of vulnerability.

Retail in the Era of AI: An Industry Take on Splunk's 2024 Predictions

Macro technology trends have always impacted and influenced every aspect of the retail industry. From the days of catalog ordering and cash only transactions to today’s personalized, always-on omnichannel experiences where contactless payment has become the norm - the world of retail is almost unrecognizable.