Entitlement Management and Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC) for ServiceNow

In this demo, we show how NextLabs' Entitlement Manager for ServiceNow uses attribute-based access control (ABAC) to control access data and enforce segregation of duties based on user attributes, location, and ServiceNow metadata. Along with dynamic authorization, NextLabs' Entitlement Manager for ServiceNow allows organizations to leverage centralized policy management to enhance their security and compliance posture within ServiceNow.

Sumo Logic brings full coverage to modern IT and SecOps workflows with ServiceNow

Modern, digital-first businesses rely on agile, optimized IT and security operations teams to effectively monitor and secure their complex applications, infrastructure and workflows that ultimately drive increased productivity and improved user experiences. Implementing a high-performance, end-to-end process to achieve these positive outcomes can be challenging as it oftentimes requires combining multiple data silos and technologies for different teams with contrasting roles and responsibilities.

Integrating With ServiceNow for a Single Source Of Truth

Network operations teams rely on highly specialized tools developed by individual vendors designed to address particular problems. The result? Most enterprises have 10+ Network Operations applications in place and they don’t talk to each other—which means that network operations engineers spend an exhaustive and unnecessary amount of time toggling between applications and sifting through information as they work to resolve tickets.

What Is Configuration Management and Why Is It Important?

Configuration management (CM) is a systems engineering process for establishing and maintaining consistency of a product's performance, functional, and physical attributes with its requirements, design, and operational information throughout its life. Configuration management is a form of IT service management (ITSM) as defined by ITIL that ensures the configuration of system resources, computer systems, servers and other assets are known, good and trusted. It's sometimes referred to as IT automation.

Change Management's 'Dirty Little Secret'

Change Management is blind. It is a key IT Service Management process and, undeniably, it's beneficial to plan and schedule changes. But Change Management’s ‘dirty little secret’ is that, despite the comfort blanket of documentation and approvals, you never know what’s really going on. You have no idea what was actually changed, either during the Change Window or at any other time.

Leveraging behavior analytics and machine learning algorithms in your PAM strategy

Modern technologies like machine learning (ML) algorithms can introduce a forward-thinking outlook to privileged access management (PAM) and enable enterprises to predict emerging access risks in real time. ML-based anomaly detection systems can deeply analyze raw data collected around privileged activity, profile standard user behavior patterns, and then surveil future operations to detect any deviations from the norm, such as server logins after office hours.

How to ensure network compliance in this era of remote work: The ITOM Podcast [Episode 5]

The ITOM Podcast returns with yet another episode to help you eliminate all the remote work woes in your IT environment. In the last episode, we discussed in detail about the key areas enterprises need to monitor to ensure endpoint security, measures to adopt to ensure cybersecurity while rolling out BYOD policies, and the crucial factors that IT leaders need to know about in the post-pandemic era with respect to IT security.

How to defend your IT assets while implementing BYOD policies: The ITOM Podcast [Episode 4]

Gear up! The ITOM Podcast is back with an all new episode intended to help you surmount all your remote work challenges in an IT environment. In the last episode, we discussed VPN monitoring in detail, the challenges encountered while monitoring VPNs, and the key metrics to track to overcome those challenges. This week, we will deep dive into endpoint security and BYOD policies.

Change and Configuration Management Best Practices Guide

Systems are constantly changing. Change and configuration management best practices allow organizations to keep track of configuration changes in a way that allows for rapid feature updates without any service outages, but many organizations struggle to find the ideal formula to make this process successful. So, what are the best practices in change and configuration management?