May 29, 2023   |  By Vaidyanath Balasubramanian
Launching a mobile app in Bahrain, whether for iOS or Android, requires careful consideration of security measures. According to the World Bank, mobile phone penetration in Bahrain reached 131% of the population in 2021. This indicates that there were more mobile phone subscriptions than the total population, suggesting that many individuals in Bahrain own multiple mobile devices or have multiple subscriptions.
May 25, 2023   |  By Vaidyanath Balasubramanian
With the advent of complex technology ecosystems like agile development processes, cloud-native platforms, and the rising use of open-source software, the importance of continuous Security and compliance has increased more than ever. As a result, leaders in the software industry must advise their teams to incorporate developer-friendly security tools into their DevSecOps pipelines.
May 23, 2023   |  By Raghunandan J
The Apache Log4j vulnerability has been making global headlines since it became public on 9th December 2021. The report stated that the vulnerability affects Apache log4j between versions 2.0 and 2.14.1 and is independent of the underlying JDK version. It was a full-blown security meltdown that resulted in hackers performing remote code executions and affected digital systems across the globe. In response, Apache implemented patch fixes, but some components remained unattended.
May 22, 2023   |  By Subho Halder
As technology progresses and mobile devices become ubiquitous, a remarkably large number of people worldwide are now using smartphones. In fact, current estimates show that 6.8 billion users rely on their phones for an array of activities; but most significantly – 88% is dedicated to app usage! While the above stats show that the mobile app industry is thriving, it's also a matter of concern. Why?
May 10, 2023   |  By Harshit Agarwal
Mobile app security is a critical aspect of any digital infrastructure. With our increasing need and reliance on smartphones as both communication and entertainment devices, mobile apps have become magnets for malicious actors. As such, companies like Google and Apple are implementing stringent measures to protect their app stores.
May 9, 2023   |  By Harshit Agarwal
With mobile phones accounting for over 60% of website traffic in 2022, launching a mobile app in South America will be an astute decision. The future lies with smartphones and tablets, making it essential to move beyond traditional desktop solutions. But, did you know- In the first half of 2022, 10,666 ransomware signatures were found in Latin America, as against 5,400 in the last half of 2021.
May 2, 2023   |  By Harshit Agarwal
Your best mobile apps might turn into the worst ones if you neglect the security domain during the development of your app because the vulnerabilities that creep in make the apps more prone to attacks. Cybersecurity Ventures predicts that if cybercrime were an independent country, it would become the world's third-largest economy by 2025.
Apr 18, 2023   |  By Uladzislau Murashka
The vastness of the online realm offers endless possibilities for advancement in any industry. With just a few clicks, one can engage in commerce, establish a virtual hub for their services, leverage cloud technology, advertise on a massive scale, and so much more. However, we must also be cautious of its darker side - the looming risk of cyber attacks. Cyber attackers are always lurking, waiting for an opportunity to strike. Don't wait for them to pounce and cause you massive losses!
Apr 13, 2023   |  By Harshit Agarwal
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region, including countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, is the fastest-growing digital market in the world. Mobile applications have become increasingly integrated into daily life in terms of financial transactions, eCommerce, healthcare avenues, and service deliveries. That being said, Southeast Asian countries are witnessing a high surge in cybersecurity attacks on mobile applications.
Mar 31, 2023   |  By Harshit Agarwal
Mexico is a budding market for mobile apps. The total revenue generated by mobile apps is expected to surpass $2100 million by 2027 from just $1500 million in 2022. So, if you're an app developer and thinking of launching a secure mobile app in Mexico, you're making the right decision. However, it's not as easy as you may think. Navigating Mexican data privacy regulations can be challenging, but it's critical to ensure that personal information stays secure and is not misused.
Jun 1, 2023   |  By Appknox
In the rapidly evolving world of Fintech, trust, and security are of paramount importance. We have gathered an exceptional panel of industry experts who will delve into the challenges faced by Fintech companies in maintaining the trust of their customers and ensuring the security of their banking apps. Join our industry leaders comprising of Subho Halder Majorie Labindao Salinawati Salehuddin Md. Abul Kalam Azad,CISSP,CISA,CISM, CRISC.
Jan 31, 2023   |  By Appknox
It's #DataPrivacyWeek. Are you ready to build a secure organization and keep your data safe? Join Appknox's panel discussion with Subho Halder, Raghunath Thiyagarajan, Rajkumar P, and Vijayta Sharma
Dec 15, 2022   |  By Appknox
Through this webinar, we aim to help enterprises & individuals understand about cloud security and I-AM policy can play a role to build safe and secure mobile apps that garner trust. It will help you to prevent sensitive data loss and infrastructure exposure, resulting in fraud, reputation damage, and regulatory penalties.
Jul 14, 2022   |  By Appknox
About The Webinar: The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, making it a challenge to stay ahead of attackers. They are always looking to exploit & gain access to control sensitive information. This can lead to serious consequences, such as ransomware attacks. This means integrating security as a core part of the development process is becoming even more essential by the day.
Jun 23, 2022   |  By Appknox
About The Webinar: Today’s cybersecurity threat landscape is highly challenging. Attackers are constantly on the lookout to exploit security vulnerabilities in applications and systems to gain access to or control sensitive information and launch cyberattacks such as ransomware. With companies spreading sensitive data across different platforms, software as a service (SaaS) platforms, containers, service providers, and even various cloud platforms, it’s essential that they begin to take a more proactive approach to security.
Dec 18, 2021   |  By Appknox
Join us in an exciting webinar by Appknox's CISO & Co-Founder, Subho Halder and Vaishali Nagori, Penetration Tester at Appknox on Payment Gateway Related Vulnerabilities. Know how Fortune 500 companies have created superior & secure payment gateways for their customers.
Aug 26, 2021   |  By Appknox
Launching a mobile enterprise application is no easy feat and one minor security breach can undo all your hard work in no time. With the right security platform, you can detect and fix security vulnerabilities without losing sleep. Say hello to Appknox, a plug-and-play security solution that secures your mobile enterprise applications in less than 60 minutes. Rated the highest in security products in Gartner and being a high performer on G2crowd for SAST, we set ourselves apart from our competition by allowing you to integrate your SDLC with all project management and CI-CD toolchain.
Aug 11, 2021   |  By Appknox
A security-first strategy is a competitive business advantage in today's world. Know how Fortune 500's have created superior and secure digital experiences for their customers.
Aug 3, 2021   |  By Appknox
Launching a mobile enterprise application is no easy feat and one minor security breach can undo all your hard work in no time. With the right security platform, you can detect and fix security vulnerabilities without losing sleep. Say hello to Appknox, a plug-and-play security solution that secures your mobile enterprise applications in less than 60 minutes. Rated the highest in security products in Gartner and being a high performer on G2crowd for SAST, we set ourselves apart from our competition by allowing you to integrate your SDLC with all project management and CI-CD toolchain.
Jun 30, 2021   |  By Appknox
Unlocking the Secrets of building a secure app Under 60 Minutes Build a culture of Secure Programming in your engineering team . With the amount of (attempted) security breaches and high paced sprint cycles, securing your mobile applications from day 1 is a driving force to ship applications at speed.
Apr 22, 2021   |  By Appknox
When you are looking for genuine, inexpensive unbiased information to make your application secure, there is no better source to go to than OWASP. OWASP gives you guidelines to the industry's top threats and security best practices that help ensure your applications are secured. Take a look at this FREE OWASP Guide that covers vulnerabilities from both web and mobile to give you a comprehensive overview of your application's security status.
Apr 22, 2021   |  By Appknox
Apple is known to employ slightly more stringent norms as compared to its other counterparts as far as Approving apps is concerned.
Apr 1, 2021   |  By Appknox
Detect and eliminate critical threats with the lowest visibility hiding behind the thickest of code. Protect your mobile apps and it's data from malicious attacks.
Apr 1, 2021   |  By Appknox
As SaaS businesses continue to evolve in a world of cut throat competition, key decision makers must ensure full accountability of their user's security. Sensitive and personal data should be monitored and kept secure along with innovation and strategic investments. Hence security for SaaS organisations is a critical component as a strategic driver for the growth of business.
Mar 1, 2021   |  By Appknox
When we make our way into the ecosystem of security technology and infrastructure initiative, learning about application security trends becomes of utmost importance. The unpredictable COVID-19 situation has made global businesses more vulnerable than ever to cyberattacks and breaches. Be it the Zoom data breach (500k records stolen) or the Marriott (5.2 million records breached), hackers don't seem to miss opportunities to exploit vulnerabilities and gain access to business infrastructures and public records.
Mar 1, 2021   |  By Appknox
In public-facing cloud environments with faster than ever deployment and delivery speeds, we need security models that can keep up with the pace. However, security still remains one of the most downplayed affairs in many organizations. While DevOps practices have helped organizations find means to build and react to the market faster, the hurdles of relying on traditional security are still making inroads for more and more threat incidents.

Appknox is the worlds most powerful plug and play security platform which helps Developers, Security Researchers and Enterprises to build a safe and secure mobile ecosystem using a system plus human approach to outsmart smartest hackers.

Our Products:

  • Static Application Security Testing (SAST): With 36 different test cases, Appknox SAST can detect almost every vulnerability that’s lurking around by analyzing your source code. Our tests cover security compliances like OWASP Top 10, PCI-DSS, HIPAA and other commonly used security threat parameters.
  • Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST): Detect advanced vulnerabilities while your application is running. Appknox DAST simulates actual attacks on our test environment to analyze, detect and plug those pesky vulnerabilities that can fall prey to runtime and network attacks like MITM.
  • Application Programming Interface (API) Testing: Quite different than SAST or DAST, Appknox's APIT tests the server-side of your application. Appknox API scan captures API's at requested endpoints and runs 15+ tests on each of these API's to detect vulnerabilities that may compromise the security of the app servers.
  • Manual Application Security Testing (MAST): Nevertheless, the human mind is much sharper than a machine. Hence MAST in our security testing product that utilizes experienced security researchers to test vulnerabilities in your app.
  • Remediation for Mobile Apps: Prioritize remediation with a research-driven security evaluation guided by OWASP security standards. Appknox remediation framework is designed to help development teams understand and remediate vulnerabilities without slowing down on SDLC.

Build and deploy world-class mobile apps for your organizations at scale and leave your mobile app security to us.