Webinar: Introduction To Cloud Security & IAM Policy Configuration Level Review

Webinar: Introduction To Cloud Security & IAM Policy Configuration Level Review

Dec 15, 2022

About The Webinar:
Through this webinar, we aim to help enterprises & individuals understand about cloud security and I-AM policy can play a role to build safe and secure mobile apps that garner trust. It will help you to prevent sensitive data loss and infrastructure exposure, resulting in fraud, reputation damage, and regulatory penalties.


  • What is cloud computing?
  • What is cloud security?
  • CIS-Bench Mark
  • What the client should provide for the cloud assessment?
  • IAM Policy configuration level review

About the speaker:
Subho Halder is the Co-Founder and CISO at Appknox, leading mobile security testing platform. Subho started his career at TCS, leading the Mobile Security Group inside TCS.
Subho, along with Harshit Agarwal, the CEO of Appknox, became the mastermind behind the deployment of On-Premises Security and mobile tackling security applications for Governmental Institutes all over the world.
Subho has aided Appknox in resolving 50,000+ mobile apps as well as 500+ organization’s in identifying and resolving vulnerabilities. He has also discovered key loopholes in companies such as Google, Facebook, Apple, and others.

Vaishali is a Penetration Tester, as well as a Dancer and a Learner. She works as a security analyst. She has worked with Web Applications, APIs, Android, and iOS Penetration Testing.
She has secured over 100 applications from a variety of industries, including e-commerce, banking, management, gaming, trading, government, tax management, and financial services. She enjoys dancing and interacting with new people. She is also certified PCI-DSS Implementer

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