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Datadog on the Lifecycle of Threats and Vulnerabilities

The security industry is full of complex terminology like threat, vulnerability, and mitigations. Definitions matter as we design processes that scale. At Datadog, the Security Research functions are focused on detection and response to specific types of threats and vulnerabilities. Workload vulnerabilities, cloud control plane vulnerabilities, and even cloud service provider vulnerabilities. Each security finding based on specific risk indicators needs to be addressed differently at Datadog and in our communications to the broader community.

AppSec Playbook for 2023

- 829 million attacks were blocked on the AppTrana WAF in Q4 2022. This was just on a sample size of 1400+ web, mobile, and API applications. The research on these findings included data on top vulnerability exploits, no. of days these vulnerabilities have been open, DDoS and Bot attacks. The findings also include tactics that security teams are employing to thwart these attacks. In the upcoming webinar, join Vivek Gopalan, VP of Product Management at Indusface as he shares these findings to help you develop your application security playbook in 2023.

Moving on From Pod Security Policy with OPA and Styra DAS

In this video, Styra Solutions Architect Ádám Sándor shares how teams can use OPA and Styra DAS to manage the deprecation of Kubernetes PodSecurityPolicy (PSP) in Kubernetes v1.25. Not only can OPA can work in tandem with the new Pod Security Admission, but dedicated PSP Policy Packs with Styra DAS can help automate many of these necessary changes.

HashiCorp +Styra: Validate Terraform Infrastructure using Styra DAS and Terraform Cloud

Security teams must constantly scan infrastructure for policy violations. HashiCorp’s Terraform Cloud, and Styra DAS, an OPA-based authorization management platform, work together to keep infrastructure compliant by mandating verification of Terraform configurations at provisioning.

How to Strategically Scale Your SOC Response with Automation - Webinar

SOC teams have to operationalize greater amounts of data from more diverse sources than ever before. Operationalizing that data for greater security requires scaling teams and automating processes—both of which are consistently named as the most challenging aspects of managing a SOC. @ESGglobal and @torq_io explore real-world survey responses from IT and cybersecurity professionals around the opportunities and challenges they face and look at the ways that no-code security automation platforms like Torq can help them overcome many of the biggest obstacles.

Webinar: Top Security Threats Worldwide: Q3 2022 - 17 January 2023

Join WatchGuard CSO Corey Nachreiner and Director of Security Operations Marc Laliberte as they discuss key findings from the WatchGuard Threat Lab’s 2022 Q3 Internet Security Report. They’ll cover the latest malware and network attack trends targeting small and midsized enterprises and defensive tips you can take back to your organization to stay ahead of modern threat actor tactics.