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Automating Instrument Data Ingestion and Access to Accelerate Lab Productivity

‍ In clinical research, the process of uploading and managing lab data is rife with obstacles. Some of those obstacles threaten to derail productivity, which delays deployment and drives up costs – time is money, after all, and the longer the research phase takes, the more organizations are forced to spend on staffing and other resources. Here’s an overview of the major obstacles biotech organizations are facing today.


December Product Rollup: Watermarking, AutoCAD, and Migration App

‍ 2022 is coming to a close, and we’re excited to bring you one last round of improvements to the Egnyte platform just in time for the beginning of a new year. This month, we’ve got updates to watermarking for viewer-only permissions, UX improvements across the platform, AutoCAD DWG file preview for the Egnyte Android app, and various enhancements to our Migration App. Read all about it below.


5 Reasons Why You Need to Review Your Data Privacy Policy Now

‍ Without a doubt, data privacy will be a much bigger focus for small- and medium-sized businesses in 2023, as the U.S. states of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Utah, and Virginia all enact stricter privacy legislation. Similarly, the Canadian province of Quebec is also in the process of updating its data privacy laws.


In 2023, What Trends Will Dominate Cybersecurity?

‍ 2022 has been quite the year in cybersecurity. For the first time in a long while, I’m seeing positive developments in the space, including improved cybersecurity education for end-users and adoption of IT Security protection by smaller organizations. As a Cybersecurity Evangelist, education is extremely important to me. So I’ve combined my 2023 cybersecurity predictions with practical resources that you can review now to improve your cyber preparedness.