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Unifying Project Data at All Phases with Egnyte and Autodesk

A successful building project requires vast data, from architects' drawings to engineers' calculations to builders' material lists. Projects can quickly become chaotic without a platform to unify and manage this data as important information gets lost in the shuffle. That's why it's vital to have a system for unifying design and construction project documents. By unifying all the data in one platform, everyone involved in the project can easily access the information they need when they need it.


Top CMMC Compliance Challenges Experienced Professionals Encounter

With the deadline to comply with CMMC expected in May 2023, many in the Defense Industrial Base are scrambling to understand how to comply, the tools they need to comply, and the cost to comply. It’s a lot to get right, and there’s a lot riding on it—companies will need to comply if they want to do business with the DoD. That’s why we’ve developed a series of blogs, checklists and other assets to help contractors manage the complexity.


Decentralized Clinical Trials: What Biotechs Need to Know

The buzz around decentralized clinical trials, or DCT, has captured the attention of organizations across the clinical research industry, prompting no small degree of excitement, apprehension, and speculation. DCT has some in the industry cheering, some biting their nails, and others scratching their heads. But what exactly does DCT mean—and will it truly change clinical research?


Modernize and Migrate to Egnyte to Replace Your Windows File Server

For decades, Microsoft’s Windows Server has been a mainstay for businesses of all sizes, most notably as a file server. However, as companies adapt to remote work, increasing cyber threats, and growing data privacy regulation, many are considering shifting their Windows file server to the cloud—or replacing it altogether. Egnyte is a great fit for companies looking to migrate their Windows file server to a modern platform designed for the new way of work.


Teach Egnyte's AI to Recognize Your Documents for Better Security

Egnyte has been developing and using AI technology with Machine Learning (ML) for quite some time. We use it internally to detect sensitive information for our customers so that policies can be put in place to protect that information, and we continue to find new ways to implement these models to better support our customers.


Top 5 Hidden Costs of SharePoint Online

If you’re like many organizations that have heavily invested in Microsoft 365, you may be considering, or already attempting, to use SharePoint Online as your company file server. After all, it’s “free” since it’s included in the service, right? While Microsoft has made improvements on the front-end with OneDrive for Business and Teams, there are still many challenges and hidden costs associated with using SharePoint as your primary company file system.


Empower Users to Securely Access and Share Data

If the past several years of technology advancements, pandemic adjustments, and increased cyber threats has taught us anything, it’s that data security and governance are the responsibility of the entire corporate team. Of course, the primary responsibility rests with the executives and the CISO or security team they’ve empowered, but the scope and scale of protecting critical data assets is too large for any single business unit to tackle.

GBBN makes end users happier and more productive with Egnyte rollout

GBBN Architects successfully rolled out Egnyte’s file storage and collaboration platform to improve upon aging file server workflows. Leveraging Egnyte’s easy to use link-based access with robust security tools, GBBN has made their distributed design teams more effective while minimizing administrative burdens on the IT organization.

How Egnyte Handles API Mocking: A Mirage.js Case Study

Mocking API requests for local development purposes or tests can be really cumbersome for frontend developers. The payload can be very large, identifiers of related entities must match, and besides that, sometimes we would like to get a completely different response depending on a use case. How do you avoid the extra work and avoid ending up with a mass of a half-duplicated code? At Egnyte, we cope with this challenge by using Mirage.js library.