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Governance Test Drive

Ever wanted to try out Egnyte’s security and governance capabilities, in order to protect your company’s sensitive data more effectively? You can with Egnyte’s Governance Test Drive! To access Test Drive, navigate to Settings, Plan Details, and Change plan. Then select Open Secure and Govern Demo. Test Drive allows you to explore connected content sources with standardized data so you can see the impact of issues like Suspicious Logins, Unusual Access, and Probable Ransomware;

Share Large Genomics Files With CROs To Support Clinical Programs

Increasingly, life science companies are applying omics-based testing to clinical trials. These tests support precision medicine models for the study of rare cancers and other diseases. Genomics research tests, for example, can help account for diverse drug responses and outcomes caused by genetic differences in trial participants.

How Marketers Use Egnyte

Chief Marketing Officer David Spitz showcases how he uses Egnyte while working on the go. This video shares how to transition between offline and in-cloud work, co-edit with Google Workspace and Microsoft Office and create folder and document templates. Whether it's an urgent press release, ad copy, or an analyst briefing, you can collaborate with team members and stay on top of tasks all within Egnyte.

Procore + Egnyte | Optimizing Efficiency With An Integrated Solution

In this video, Procore’s Senior Director of Business Development, Kris Lengieza, discusses how mutual Egnyte and Procore customers can use the integrated software solution to work more efficiently. Integrated software solutions are critical to improved productivity, particularly for the construction industry. The increasing number of tools used per project makes a non-integrated environment very costly and time-consuming due to double entry, plus the need to jump between applications.

Manage Clinical Trial Site Submissions with Egnyte

The volume, variety, and velocity of data being collected in clinical trials is constantly increasing. It regularly surpasses what any one person or even a team of people can process, organize and monitor. Companies can no longer throw people at the problem, which is why many have turned to automation and AI to fill the gap.

Search History

Easily access your search history to quickly find the Egnyte content you’ve looked for previously. Whether your past search took place on the Web UI, desktop, or mobile, Egnyte remembers past queries and search filters. You’ll be able to quickly review old searches, adjust any previously added filters, and track down the content you need. Locate your files and folders effortlessly using Egnyte’s search history!

Offline Access on a Mobile Device

The Egnyte Mobile App gives you access to content from your smartphone or tablet. For those times you find yourself without an internet connection, you can still easily get to content you’ve marked for offline access. From the ellipsis menu, simply select Mark Offline to keep a copy of the file locally on your device. Your offline content can be found under the offline tab and where you can easily update your local copies to ensure you have access to the latest versions, and remove them to free up space on your device.

Decibel Therapeutics Transforms Clinical Trial Document Management with Egnyte

The documentation around clinical studies is large and diverse – and it all must adhere to GxP standards. Learn how Heather Wolff, Vice President, Clinical Development Operations at Decibel Therapeutics, and her team of data managers, clinical operation experts, regulatory operations, medical writers, and biostats use Egnyte to streamline their compliance and data management processes. And, to learn more about how Egnyte helps other life sciences companies store, share, and audit critical documentation around clinical trials, visit: