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Navigating the Multi-Layered Landscape of Data Governance in Life Sciences

Effective data governance has become a critical priority in today's fast-paced and highly regulated life sciences industry. From ensuring regulatory compliance and data integrity to enabling secure collaboration and data-driven decision-making, a robust data governance strategy is essential for success.

Improve File Management in Microsoft Teams with Egnyte Integration

Microsoft Teams has seen a remarkable surge in popularity and usage post-pandemic. With 320 million+ users spanning more than 1 million organizations, it serves as an important tool to keep teams connected and foster productivity. While MS Teams excels in real-time collaboration, conversational channels, online meetings, and video calls, it grapples with file management and accessibility stemming from its inherent design and architecture.

How Product Security Helps To Protect Your Data at Egnyte

One of the critical challenges for organizations today is securing their data. Organizations must incur the cost associated with proper design, development, and maintenance of systems and their appropriate safeguarding and monitoring. One way to reduce and optimize these costs is to choose tools that operate in a Software-as-a-Service model. Choosing tools in such a model helps shift some of the responsibilities and costs to the vendor.

March Release Rollup: "Ask AI" on Desktop and Mobile App, Geo Location Search, Egnyte for Salesforce - Metadata for Folders and More

This month's product updates and enhancements rollup includes “Ask AI” on Desktop and Mobile App, Geo Location Search, and Egnyte for Salesforce – Metadata for Folders. Below is a summary of these and other new releases. Visit the articles linked below for more details.

Unlocking Faster Drug Discovery with Streamlined Metadata

The Life Sciences industry relies heavily on navigating massive volumes of data securely and efficiently to advance drug development and fuel new innovations in Research & Development (R&D). However, decentralized data and inconsistent metadata classification can hinder scientists from locating information, verifying quality, and reproducing findings, thereby, slowing down drug development timelines.

What We Learned at This Year's Fierce Trial Master File Summit

This year’s Fierce TMF Summit took place in sunny Savannah Georgia, a city known for its ghosts. But the estimated 200 plus attendees of this year’s Summit aren’t afraid of your average ghosts and ghouls: instead, we shudder at tales of inspection findings, unruly document contributors, and other challenges in TMF management.