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3 Configurations to Improve Slack Monitoring

With over 200% YoY Growth and used by 100,000+ Organizations globally, Slack has become an indispensable internal communication tool for teams to coordinate their activities. But when it comes to exchanging information and external sources, certain risks are at play that requires more insight and attention. Slack links to various vital systems within many organizations, making it an easy, central access point hackers can use to reach multiple systems.


Egnyte Roadmap Points to Even Simpler, More Secure Collaboration

Egnyte recently gave a sneak peek of exciting new features and capabilities that will be incorporated into the platform in the coming months. These upgrades underscore Egnyte's commitment to helping companies control data risk, reduce IT cost and complexity, and delight end users. The latest look at the roadmap was delivered in a series of webinars as part of the summer edition of State of Egnyte.

Spotlight on Technology - Secure Content Collaboration

Razorthorn MD James Rees is joined by Andy Johnson from HighSide - experts in controlled file sharing and secure collaboration - for a discussion on what can be done to improve data security for businesses operating in security-conscious and regulated industries. Working remotely requires online collaboration with colleagues and external organisations, but when you send a file or speak via an online chat platform, you're opening up safety risks due to a lack of adequate security and encryption.

The Essential Guide to Slack Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

DLP ensures confidential or sensitive information (like credit card numbers, PII, and API keys) isn’t shared outside of Slack by scanning for content within messages and files that break predefined policies. DLP is important for both security and compliance reasons. With DLP in place, you’ll be able to.


Eliminate DevSecOps Friction with the Right Tools for Collaboration

An annual study that looks at the differences between organizations with mature DevSecOps practices and immature programs makes one thing clear: mature DevSecOps practices make developers happy. The survey, released annually by Sonatype, CloudBees, Signal Sciences, Twistlock and Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute had 5,045 respondents from over 70 different countries in its most recent release.


DevSecOps Challenge #10: Communication between teams

Adding automation to one part of a process can then flood another part of a process. With DevSecOps, we’re allowing more security tools to find more issues in more projects. On the face of it, that’s a good thing, however, it will result in developers (who are sent the new issues) asking more questions to the security team. This burns a lot of security teams’ time, is boring and repetitive and slows down the time dev takes to fix. All of this is bad for business.


Is Slack Secure? Vulnerabilities and Solutions

Slack has become one of the most integral platforms for businesses over the last decade, with more than 12 million users currently active. Despite its popularity, however, there are some Slack security concerns that linger from the platform’s 2015 security breach. Here’s what you need to know about Slack security and how to protect your sensitive information on the platform.


How mob programming and sourcing jams activate collaboration at Detectify

Collaboration Rules is a company core value and at the heart of Detectify. It drives innovation and productivity in our organization, and activates our ability to build products to drive the future of internet security. Two of the methods we use for collaborating are Mob Programming in Engineering and Sourcing Jams in the Talent Acquisition team. At Detectify, collaboration is the way forward, and let’s dive into these use cases and our learnings.


Egnyte and Microsoft Now Empower Co-Editing for Desktop and Mobile

With today’s distributed workforce, it’s essential to have the right tools to collaborate with co-workers. Now with the Egnyte Microsoft Office integration, users can co-edit on Microsoft documents in real-time from the Office Desktop apps. Users now have a choice to use their preferred device.