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How to Secure Online Video Gaming from The Biggest Cyber Threats in 2022

Imagine, you are in the middle of a heated battle and are almost ready to claim the victory over your virtual opponent when you see a note on the screen: “We are experiencing a DDoS attack which may result in disconnections for some players.” Now?

Casino Cybersecurity: A Winning Bet

According to the American Gaming Association, there are 981 casinos in the United States, raking in more than $57 billion annually in gross gaming revenue. With that much money at play, it’s no wonder hackers view casinos as potential jackpots. And while the public tends to consider casinos as exceptionally secure, the reality is this: When it comes to cybersecurity, the house doesn’t always win.

Cyber threats increasingly target video games - The metaverse is next

The technical infrastructure of video games requires a significant level of access to private data, whether through client-server side interactions or financial data. This has led to what Computer Weekly describes as a ‘relentless’ attack on the video game industry, with attacks against game hosts and customer credentials rising 224% in 2021.

Gaming Application Penetration Testing - My Favorite 9 Business Logical Flaws

The target application is an online gaming application that offers a variety of games to play. You can earn money by playing a variety of games. This application organizes various battles. As a result, two users can participate in the games and win money. This application also gives users coins for playing games, which they can later exchange for buying profile pictures and other items & also users can withdraw the earned money later.

Cybersecurity in Competitive Online Gaming (Cheating, Mitigation, and Vulnerabilities)

As the competitive online gaming and eSports industries gain legitimacy by becoming more popular and attracting mainstream attention, the question of competitive integrity lingers in the back of my mind. Can the game’s developers, community, and users maintain and uphold competitive integrity? Or will they fold under the pressure of greed and complacency?

Top 5 Gaming Cybersecurity Trends for 2022 that you Need to Know

If we talk about industries that have skyrocketed immensely in recent times, mobile gaming would certainly top the list. However, as fun and profitable mobile games are for users and business owners, they involve unimaginable security risks. Mobile games involve volumes of sensitive user and business data and provide a very profitable setting for cybercriminals to take advantage of.

The rising bot threat to media, marketplaces and video gaming

Over recent years, botnet attacks have hit platforms hard with their mass destruction approach to cyber-attacks. However, the tide has turned, and automated bot technology now makes targeted attacks infinitely quicker and simpler to carry out, exposing online gaming and streaming businesses to greater threats. The challenge lies in accurately identifying these highly targeted automated bot attacks that are designed to hide in plain sight, masquerading as genuine users, before they can carry out malicious activity such as credential stuffing, fake account creation and scraping.