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  |  By Corelight Labs Team
In this edition of Corelight’s Hunt of the Month blog, we bring you a STRRAT malware detector. In recent months STRRAT has become one of the top malware families submitted to Any.Run’s malware sandbox: STRRAT is a Java-based remote access tool (RAT) that uses a plugin architecture to provide full remote access to an attacker, as well as credential stealing, key logging, and additional plugins.
  |  By Ashish Malpani
RSA 2024 is a wrap. After multiple conversations with security leaders and partners on the show floor and during different sessions and happy hours, it’s time to look back and reflect on the biggest takeaways from the conference.
  |  By Todd Wingler
For years, the mantra for achieving visibility into potential threats has been the trio of EDR, NDR, and SIEM. These components form the foundation of a robust security posture, with EDR and NDR offering the depth and breadth needed to monitor activities across endpoints and networks.
  |  By Brian Dye
The big idea behind Corelight has always been simple: ground truth is priceless. What really happened, both now and looking back in time. Whether it is used to detect attacks, investigate routine alerts, respond to new vulnerabilities or a full scale incident response, the constant is that ground truth makes everything in security better. We have no claim of authorship here. By contrast, we learn from the world’s most accomplished defenders through their use of Zeek® and Suricata®.
  |  By Sahidya Devadoss
In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats, staying ahead requires more than just detection; it demands comprehensive correlation and analysis for informed decision-making. Understanding the context surrounding an alert is important to effectively mitigate risk. That's why we're thrilled to announce the integration of CrowdStrike Falcon EDR with Investigator, part of Corelight’s Open NDR Platform.
  |  By Dustin Lee
How quickly a year passes. 2023 was Corelight’s first year participating in the Black Hat Network Operations Center (NOC). It was a tremendous opportunity and responsibility in which we collaborated with teams from Cisco, Palo Alto Networks, Arista, Lumen, and NetWitness to keep events in Asia, Europe, and the US safe and functional for all attendees. As we speak, our team is gearing up for a repeat for Black Hat Asia 2024 in Singapore.
  |  By Corelight Labs Team
Malware often hides communications with its command and control (C2) server over HTTPS. The encryption in HTTPS usually conceals the compromise long enough for the malware to accomplish its goal. This makes detecting malware that uses HTTPS challenging, but once in a while, you will catch a break, as in the case here with AsyncRAT, a Windows remote access tool that has been deployed over the past year to target organizations that manage critical infrastructure in the United States.
  |  By Ben Reardon
In this blog, we will demonstrate how Zeek’s metadata approach can help focus patching efforts related to the recent SSH “Terrapin” attack. One of the interesting aspects to bear in mind as you read this is that Zeek provides visibility of the vulnerable elements of this encrypted protocol, and thus serves as a reminder that network monitoring is still very much relevant, even in a heavily encrypted world.
  |  By Ed Smith
Securing a network against the myriad of evolving cyber threats requires more than just a robust firewall or endpoint protection platform; it demands a multifaceted approach. Corelight’s Open Network Detection and Response (NDR) Platform complements and significantly enhances the effectiveness of next-generation firewalls (NGFWs). Here are 9 reasons why adding Corelight to your cybersecurity arsenal, alongside existing NGFWs, is not just an upgrade but a strategic necessity.
  |  By Allen Marin
In this second post of our threat hunting with Corelight and CrowdStrike blog series we dive into Persistence, which is one the many tactical categories outlined in the MITRE ATT&CK framework. In our previous blog, we reviewed some of the common techniques in the Initial Access category, like Drive-By Compromise and Spearphishing. In this post, we examine and provide some useful threat hunting tips on some of the common tactics attackers use to maintain long-term access to a target's environment.
  |  By Corelight
See how the integration between Corelight's Open NDR platform and ServiceNow allows analysts to send specified detections to ServiceNow, enabling efficient case management for in-depth analysis. Send selected detections with contextual information to ServiceNow with a few clicks, and easily jump from ServiceNow to view detection-related details in Corelight, resulting in faster time to case resolution/MTTR.
  |  By Corelight
  |  By Corelight
Detection engineering has evolved into an art, contributing to the success rates of endpoint and network detection and response tooling capabilities. Used to effectively counter the increasing complexity of today’s cyber threat actors, high-fidelity detections can help an organization discover threats earlier, neutralizing them before further damage can occur.
  |  By Corelight
Defenders face numerous challenges in their complex, ever-expanding environments. Good data or network truth shouldn't be one of them. As Corelight is the standard in the NDR market, we will explore how to pivot from NDR to several EDR tools. The demo will showcase popular tools and give analyst workflow examples and use cases. Speaker: Steven Swaim (Principal Federal Sales Engineer, Corelight)
  |  By Corelight
What is network detection and response, how is it fundamental to #cybersecurity, and why should #investors and #security leaders be investing in the #NDR space? Watch as Corelight CEO Brian Dye shares the answers to these questions and more in a new interview with NYSE.
  |  By Corelight
Speakers: Matt Bromiley (SANS), Tim Nolen, Sr. Sales Engineer (Corelight), Jean Schaffer, Federal CTO (Corelight)
  |  By Corelight
Want to know how to get a commanding view of all devices that log onto your network? Let’s ask ChatGPT! Watch as Corelight's James Pope leverages his AI assistant to explain the power of Zeek®—the open-source technology behind Corelight’s network evidence—and the detailed logs of network activity it produces, including protocols such as HTTP, DNS, and SSL. In the video he also shares how Zeek®’s open standard easily integrates with Suricata, SecurityOnion, Molok, Elk, CrowdStrike EDR logs, and more.
  |  By Corelight
Speakers: John Gamble (Corelight), Domenica Crognale, Heather Mahalik, David Smalley.
  |  By Corelight
As vendors develop new software or tools for threat hunting, we need to remember that threat hunting is predominantly a human-based activity in looking for incidents that our automated tools have not yet found, or cannot yet detect.
  |  By Corelight
Whether you’re attending RSA or not, one thing is for certain - attackers are always at work. Furthermore, attackers are always working together without red tape like we have within our corporate infrastructure. That’s why Mandiant/Google, Stairwell, SnapAttack, Nozomi Networks, SentinelOne, and Corelight are hosting a webinar before RSAC 2023 to show how Defenders are also Stronger Together. There is no silver bullet in the cybersecurity space, so come get the conversation started early in an executive panel as we explore how each executive/organization is addressing.

Corelight gives you the high ground—a commanding view of your network that lets you outsmart and outlast adversaries.

From the Acropolis to the edge of space, defenders have sought the high ground in order to see farther and turn back attacks. Corelight delivers a commanding view of your network so you can outsmart and outlast adversaries. We capture, interpret, and connect the data that means everything to defenders.

Corelight gives apex defenders the information and tools they need to successfully detect and respond to threats. Corelight is built on Zeek, an open-source, global standard technology. Zeek provides rich, structured, security-relevant data to your entire SOC, making everyone from Tier 1 analysts to seasoned threat hunters far more effective.

The Open NDR Platform:

  • Suricata: Suricata generates alerts that we embed directly into Zeek logs, putting every detection into context to save time, cut alert backlogs, and improve analytics.
  • Zeek: The Zeek open source network security monitor generates lightweight metadata and detections to enable threat hunting and speed incident response.
  • Smart PCAP: Smart PCAP links logs, extracted files, and insights with just the packets you need, to reduce storage costs while expanding retention times by a factor of 10.

Faster investigations, more effective threat hunts with the world's best network evidence.