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Product Release

New Feature: WebDAV Is Now Available Alongside Internxt's CLI Tool

Internxt is thrilled to announce we have released a new feature that our users have requested: WebDAV support! Now, with a WebDAV server, you can get even more out of your Internxt membership, such as file management, remote access, and the same emphasis on security implemented throughout the entire product suite. To learn more about downloading the Internxt CLI and using WebDAV, visit our help center article.

Teleport Workload Identity

With Teleport 15.2, we’ve added a preview for Teleport Workload Identity. Teleport Workload Identity lets teams bootstrap and issue identities to services across heterogeneous environments and organizational boundaries. A core value of Teleport comes from having a central access platform, and we believe that humans and machine access need to join and access using the same zero-trust best practices.

SecurityScorecard Unveils the Industry's Most Predictive Cybersecurity Risk Ratings with Refined Scoring Algorithm

Now more than ever, the specter of cyber threats looms large over organizations of all sizes and sectors. The consequences of a data breach stemming from just one vulnerability can be catastrophic, ranging from financial losses to irreparable reputational damage. As businesses strive to reinforce their defenses against these evolving threats, the need for a reliable and predictive cybersecurity risk assessment tool has never been greater.

Introducing Salt Security's New AI-Powered Knowledge Base Assistant: Pepper!

Going to a vendor's Knowledge Base (KB) is often the first place practitioners go to get the product deployed or troubleshoot issues. Even with advanced search tools, historically, KBs have been challenging to find relevant content quickly, and navigating a KB can be frustrating. At Salt Security, not only do we want to make your job of securing APIs easier, but we also want to make getting the guidance you need easier, friendlier and more efficient.

Datadog Security extends compliance and threat protection capabilities for Google Cloud

Organizations are adopting Google Cloud at a growing rate. This growth is partially influenced by both the rise of AI computing and a push towards multi-cloud usage. A recent report found that 85 percent of organizations deploy their applications on multi-cloud architecture. With the shift to AI computing and multi-cloud adoption, organizations are reconsidering their cloud security coverage now more than ever.

Rubrik Expands Unstructured Data Protection to On-Premises S3-Compatible Object Stores

You are the CISO of a leading financial services firm serving a large number of clients with substantial assets. You process a massive volume of data every day, and much of it is sensitive: customer account information, social security numbers, and other PII.

NEW! Elastic Security 8.13: Manage benchmark rules and automated endpoint responses

Elastic Security 8.13 introduces a refined benchmark-rules experience, advanced endpoint response actions, and a suite of enhancements to help users continue to accelerate their security program. Some of the major features included in this release enable users to: Elastic Security 8.13 is available now on Elastic Cloud — the only hosted Elasticsearch offering to include all of the new features in this latest release.