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Product Release


Introducing NC Encrypt - Independent Encryption Key Management and BYOK Support for Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Server

We are pleased to announce the launch of NC Encrypt to provide independent encryption key management and Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) support for Microsoft 365 applications and SharePoint Server environments. The sheer number of communication and collaboration channels the M365 platform has introduced, increases the vulnerability of sensitive data and potential for accidental data loss or overexposure, making protection mechanisms such as encryption critical.


Torq Delivers on the Promise of Parallel Execution

Security operations professionals are constantly being pushed to the edge of their capacities. They’re dealing with endless manual processes and managing tasks sequentially, because of the limitations of their security tools and options. They’ve dreamed of being able to execute more tasks simultaneously to quickly enrich, analyze, contain, and resolve security threats. Today, Torq is proud to introduce Parallel Execution, which makes those capabilities a reality.


Highlighting New Advanced Security Capabilities for Netskope Cloud Firewall

One of the benefits of a secure access service edge (SASE) framework is that organizations can dramatically simplify the implementation of security services without having to go through constant network redesigns and appliance operating system updates.


What's new in Calico Cloud: General availability of new container security features

Summer is almost over but we are bringing the heat back with the official release of Tigera’s new container security features. With this official launch, Calico leads the industry by offering a complete line of solutions across every stage of a cloud-native application CI/CD pipeline.


Announcing Major Upgrades to KeeperMSP

Keeper is pleased to announce significant new upgrades to the KeeperMSP Platform that offer robust security and compliance solutions through an expanded portfolio of Keeper zero-trust security capabilities. These market-leading features will help Managed Service Provider (MSP) partners oversee security and compliance for their customer base in an increasingly challenging threat landscape. These platform enhancements include the following powerful add-on features and products.


Netskope Announces General Availability of Endpoint DLP, Further Expanding Its Data Protection Platform

Today we are proud to announce general availability of our patented cloud-based endpoint data loss prevention (DLP) solution. The release of endpoint DLP expands the already comprehensive Netskope DLP platform and represents a major milestone in data protection, as it enables customers to protect data anywhere, across their hybrid enterprise ecosystem and in the cloud. Let’s look at why this is so important.


Introducing Managed Policies for Sysdig Secure

Whether you’re learning cloud-native workload protection for the first time or running all your microservice workloads in production, you probably already noticed that cloud-native security is much different from security design used for traditional monolith applications. The dramatic increase in complexity and the evolving threat landscape make cloud and container security even more critical and harder to manage.


Kubernetes version 1.25 - everything you should know

Kubernetes' new version - version 1.25 - will be released on Tuesday 23rd August 2022, and it comes with 40 new enhancements in various areas and numerous bug fixes. This blog will focus on the highlighted changes from each special interest group (SIG) in the upcoming release and ensure you are confident before upgrading your clusters.


Introducing Kojensi SaaS v2.0 with New Export Control Material Capability for ITAR

We’re pleased to announced the release of Kojensi SaaS v2.0 to ensure secure document collaboration and sharing of sensitive and Export Controlled content between Government, Defence, Defence supply chain, and higher education institutions. This new release assists organisations with meeting strict regulatory guidelines and compliance obligations for secure information sharing.