Product Release

CrowdStrike Strengthens Exploit Protection Using Intel CPU Telemetry

CrowdStrike’s goal is to stop breaches — and we do that better than any cybersecurity company in the world. As attackers advance their tactics and techniques, we continually refine our tools and capabilities to stay ahead of them. We recently added a new feature to the CrowdStrike Falcon® sensor: Hardware Enhanced Exploit Detection, which uses hardware capabilities to detect complex attack techniques that are notoriously hard for software alone to detect and prevent.

Introducing Teleport Access Plane for Linux and Windows Hosts

We are excited to welcome Windows hosts to the Teleport Access Plane. For the past 5 years we’ve helped refine our Access Plane for Linux hosts, providing short-lived certificate-based access, RBAC and developer-friendly access to resources. As we’ve rolled Teleport to larger organizations, we found that people wanted the same convenience and security of Teleport but for Windows hosts.

Teleport 8 - Introducing Desktop Access

If your organization runs cloud-native workloads on a mixed infrastructure of Linux and Windows, this announcement of Teleport 8 is for you! TL;DR Teleport 8 enables easy and secure remote access to a mixed fleet of Linux/SSH and Windows/RDP hosts via a single TCP/IP port. Before we dive deeper into how it works, let’s introduce Teleport to new readers of this blog.

Snyk Open Source adds beta C/C++ security scanning for unmanaged OSS

We’re happy to announce the open beta of C/C++ security scanning in Snyk Open Source, enabling development and security teams to find and fix known security vulnerabilities in their C/C++ open source code and libraries! Used across various industry verticals and prominent within the gaming, hardware/IoT, and communications industries, C/C++ continues to have a major impact on software development and the technology space as a whole.

Elastic Security 7.16: Accelerate SecOps with the most powerful Elastic Security yet

In Elastic Security 7.16, multiple new out-of-the-box data integrations for Elastic Agent streamline data ingestion and normalization, powering security operations. The release also introduces full production support for several existing data integrations. Version 7.16 introduces an expanded set of malicious behavior protections, addressing methods related to initial access, privilege escalation, and defense evasion.

Introducing Bearer inventory

The engineering organization of companies building modern cloud applications can get incredibly complex. Security teams are caught between the explosive growth of engineering teams and the fragmentation of software architecture. As a result, it can be a challenge to get a clear, complete and up-to-date view of engineering components. Bringing clarity about the software architecture is the first step to enable you to assess and remediate data security risks properly.

November Release Rollup: Dark Mode, Confidence Scores, and More

As we enter the holiday season, Egnyte is excited to share a number of updates to its platform, including user experience improvements, new governance functionality, and enhancements to search on mobile. Check out some of our top product releases for November below.

Announcing automated fixes for vulnerabilities in .NET dependencies

We’re pleased to announce improved support for.NET applications in Snyk Open Source, allowing developers to fix vulnerabilities in.NET dependencies with the help of actionable advice and automated pull requests! As of the time of writing, NuGet, the Microsoft-supported and de-facto standard package manager for.NET, has 276,266 unique packages, downloaded on average more than a billion times a week!