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Product Release


Corelight Investigator introduces new Machine Learning Models

Corelight Investigator furthers its commitment to delivering next-level analytics through the expansion of its machine learning models. Security teams are now enabled with additional supervised and deep learning models, including: We continue to provide complete transparency behind our evidence -- showing the logic behind our machine learning models and detections, allowing analysts to quickly and easily validate the alerts.


Black Duck's New Year's Resolution

The new Black Duck SCA release offers enhancements to help organizations to better understand the potential risks in their software supply chain. Black Duck® software composition analysis (SCA) started the new year off strong and got a running start on its resolution to better help teams secure their software supply chain at the speed of modern software development. Let’s look at some of the highlights of the 2023.1.0 release.


Nightfall Enables Advanced Secret Detection with Enhanced Machine Learning API Key Detector

Compromised secrets and credentials are the most common cause of data breaches and are often left unmanaged. In the past year alone, we’ve seen sustained growth in supply chain attacks and security incidents impacting the security of secrets stored in code repos or unknowingly shared within SaaS applications. Because of this, there is a compelling need for reliable, accurate, and actionable secrets detection for modern organizations.


Nightfall's New PHI Detector Improves Security Automation for Healthcare Orgs

With Nightfall’s enhanced PHI detection capabilities, which are based on an advanced combination of logic and context, it is very easy to identify specific instances of PHI unique to organizations. What’s even better is that all of this can be automated and tie seamlessly into existing customer workflows.


Accelerating Secure Infrastructure Deployments with Policy-as-Code Authorization

Styra is today introducing a better way for platform engineering teams to empower hundreds or thousands of developers and accelerate their infrastructure deployments, including the broadest policy library and infrastructure authorization toolset for Kubernetes, Terraform and CloudFormation.


Introducing PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server Connectors in Keeper Connection Manager (KCM) 2.11.0

Keeper Connection Manager 2.11.0 introduces new connections with PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server, plus other enhancements noted below. Keeper Connection Manager allows organizations to connect to endpoints without the need for VPN.


Trustwave Upgrades Fusion Platform Mobile App

Trustwave has updated its Fusion Platform mobile app, for Apple iOS or Android, adding a bundle of new features and enhancements designed to make monitoring an organization’s security status at any time or place even easier. The Trustwave Fusion platform is a cloud-based cybersecurity platform that serves as the foundation for Trustwave’s managed security services, products, and other cybersecurity offerings.


Introducing Attack Range v3.0

The Splunk Threat Research Team (STRT) is happy to release v3.0 of the Splunk Attack Range. Splunk Attack Range is an open source project that allows security teams to spin up a detection development environment to emulate adversary behavior and use the generated telemetry data to build detections in Splunk. This blog highlights the new features introduced in version 3.0 to help build resilient, high-quality detections.


Elastic Security 8.6 improves investigation and response across a unified SIEM, endpoint security, and cloud security solution

Elastic Security 8.6 helps security practitioners investigate and respond to threats quickly at cloud scale with SIEM, cloud security, and endpoint security. This release includes new data source integrations, expanded prebuilt detection content, and improved detection engineering and analyst workflows — bringing efficacy and efficiency to the modern security operations center (SOC).

Arctic Wolf

Introducing Arctic Wolf Incident Response

Our mission at Arctic Wolf is to end cyber risk, and our North Star on that mission is the NIST security operations framework. Spanning five functions (Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover), the NIST framework offers guidelines and best practices that when followed, allow an organization to both reduce the likelihood and the impact of cyber-attacks.