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Product Release

Introducing 1Password for Visual Studio Code

In writing software, we’re used to embedding secrets and other configurable values right in the codebase. They might be Stripe keys to power your online shop, webhooks for a custom Slack bot, a Docker username and password for a CI config, AWS credentials, or an API token and host to set up 1Password Connect.

Lookout Powers VMware Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)

Lookout and VMware recently announced the debut of Workspace ONE Mobile Threat Defense (MTD), a new mobile security solution incorporating Lookout mobile protection technologies. Through this partnership with VMware, Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security is built in and can be activated seamlessly within Workspace ONE. This new solution is an extension of past integrations of Lookout with the Workspace ONE Trust Network.

With Trustwave, the Best in MDR Just Got Better

Trustwave has recreated new Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services to deliver unmatched capabilities tailored to fit an organization regardless of size or budget. While larger organizations may have the resources for heavy security investments, small and medium enterprises (SME) often struggle to keep up with this punishing pace and finding enough qualified security personnel can be even more challenging with the ongoing skills shortage.

New functionality added to the Detectify API

Getting a complete overview of the growing attack surface is difficult. Regardless of how security is organised in your organisation, knowing what Internet-facing assets are exposed and if those assets are vulnerable across many different teams is no simple task. This is doubly true for security teams with dozens – or even hundreds! – of dev teams. We’ve now made it possible for customers on the Enterprise Plan to create and manage subteams through the Detectify API.

Improvements to scheduled scans, freshly added tests, and more

Getting the freshest insights on what vulnerabilities you have is essential for any vulnerability management program. Until recently, it wasn’t very clear when Application Scanning would execute a scan on an asset. This introduced unnecessary complexity for some users, particularly those with a large attack surface. Now, Application Scanning users can easily view all of the upcoming scans on a single page.

Introducing Reporting: Demonstrate your ROI

We know for customers creating automation Stories in Tines, anything that makes tracking your progress more manageable and helps you demonstrate the platform's value makes a big difference. We're excited to announce that Reporting is now live across Tines. This new feature allows our customers and Community Edition users quickly and easily calculate how much time they're saving by automating their repetitive workflows through the platform.

What's new in Calico Enterprise 3.14: WAF, Calico CNI on AKS, and support for RKE2

At Tigera, we strive to innovate at every opportunity thrown at us and deliver what you need! We have listened to what users ask and today we are excited to announce the early preview of Calico Enterprise 3.14. From new capabilities to product supportability and extending partnerships with our trusted partners, let’s take a look at some of the new features in this release.

Introducing Mend Supply Chain Defender Integration with JFrog Artifactory

When it comes to understanding the difference between open source software vulnerabilities and malicious threats, it’s helpful to think in terms of passive vs. active threats. Vulnerabilities can be attacked and exploited, but in a vacuum don’t pose a threat. Malicious threats are different —– they involve a threat actor actively planning to attack you.

Kubescape now integrates with Prometheus and Lens

Integrating Kubescape with 3rd party projects and DevOps tools is a strategic mission for us to enable you to extract more value out of Kubescape throughout the CI/CD pipeline, SDLC, and monitoring phases. We are happy to announce two significant integrations of Kubescape to leading Kubernetes open-source CI/CD tools.