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Building a next-gen SOC at Pinewood, a leading MSSP, underpinned by Elastic SIEM

Cybersecurity is a critical and challenging domain that requires constant vigilance, innovation, and adaptation. As cyber threats evolve and become more sophisticated, so do the tools and techniques to defend against them. One of the most effective ways to achieve comprehensive and proactive security is to implement a security information and event management (SIEM) platform that can collect, analyze, and correlate data from various sources to provide actionable insights and alerts.

NEW in Elastic 8.14: Attack Discovery, GA of ES|QL, and AI Assistant features

Elastic 8.14 is now available! This release supports our mission to modernize security operations with AI-driven security analytics. 8.14 includes major features like the brand new Attack Discovery, significant enhancements to Elastic AI Assistant for Security, and the general availability of ES|QL — all of which provide the SOC with contextual, streamlined SecOps.

Strengthening compliance and risk management with Elastic Observability: A case for India's banking sector

In navigating the complex landscape of regulatory compliance and risk management, India's banking sector faces unique challenges, particularly in meeting directives outlined by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In). As organizations strive to adhere to these stringent requirements, Elastic Observability emerges as a powerful ally, offering advanced log analytics capabilities tailored to address regulatory mandates and mitigate operational risks.

Reducing false positives with automated SIEM investigations from Elastic and Tines

One of the biggest SIEM management problems SOC teams face is that they are often overwhelmed by false positives, leading to analyst fatigue and visibility gaps. In addition to that, one of the toughest challenges in security is detecting when SaaS access tokens are compromised without adding to the false positive problem. At Elastic, the InfoSec team tackles both of these issues by automating SIEM alert investigations with tools like Tines.

Elastic Security shines in Malware Protection Test by AV-Comparatives

Real-world malware 100% protection with zero false positives Elastic Security has achieved remarkable results in the recent AV-Comparatives Malware Protection Test, with a protection rate of 100% and no false positives against real-world malware samples. This independent assessment underscores our commitment to providing world-class malware protection, with zero false positives and zero user impact.

Rolling your own Detections as Code with Elastic Security

From its beginning, the Elastic detection-rules repo not only contained Elastic’s prebuilt detection rules, but also additional tooling for detection rule management — like a suite of tests, CLI commands, and automation scripts used by the Elastic Threat Research and Detection Engineering (TRaDE) team.

o9 Solutions: Optimizing Security Operations with Elastic

O9 Solutions leverages Elastic for both Observability and Security Operations Center (SOC) purposes. Initially employed for performance monitoring, Elastic's integration with O9's security stack has provided comprehensive visibility into potential threats and anomalies within their environment. This integration extends across various platforms such as Google, AWS, Active Directory, WEF, and HDR, enabling correlation and consolidated dashboard views for decision-making.

AI-driven Security Analytics: Attack Discovery Demo

Powered by the Elastic Search AI platform, Attack Discovery triages hundreds of alerts down to a few attacks that matter. Elastic’s AI-driven security analytics is built on the Search AI platform, which includes RAG powered by the industry's foremost search technology. The traditional SIEM will be replaced by an AI-driven security analytics solution for the modern SOC. Additional Resources.