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Nov 30, 2022   |  By Anish Devasia
At its core, Active Directory domain services (AD DS) is a structured data store of objects in the domain controller. It is a directory service from Microsoft for identity management and access control in Windows domain networks. Active Directory can authenticate users, groups, services and computers to protected information. In addition to that, AD DS also helps to implement security policies and permissions. AD DS enforces them for all computers in your network.
Nov 18, 2022   |  By Steve Huang
In Teleport 8, we introduced the TLS Routing feature that can multiplex all client connections on a single TLS/SSL port. Recently we've added support for TLS Routing for Database Access when Teleport is deployed behind an AWS Application Load Balancer (ALB). In this article, we will take a deep look at the problem with Teleport behind an ALB and how we solved it.
Nov 9, 2022   |  By Kenneth DuMez
It’s the news everyone’s been waiting for: Teleport’s version 11 release! This release is packed with features from SFTP support all the way to GitHub Actions Machine ID compatibility. Let’s dive in!
Nov 7, 2022   |  By Tiago Silva
Kubernetes is a very complex product where creating and managing clusters requires a great deal of knowledge on a wide range of topics. The introduction of managed clusters brought simplicity to the process allowing users to focus on extracting the most out of the system. One of the areas of most interest and different configurations is authentication and authorization. In authentication, the main objective, and most critical of all, is to ensure the identity and validity of users and machines.
Oct 19, 2022   |  By Nate Magee
As companies increasingly move to remote workforces, the need for secure and rapid offboarding has never been greater. Flywheel, a digital agency that specializes in healthcare and life sciences, has found great success using Teleport to streamline its offboarding process. Flywheel had been using a traditional VPN solution to grant access to customer environments, but found the process to be slow and cumbersome.
Oct 11, 2022   |  By Kenneth DuMez
One of the most important features Teleport has to offer is that it centralizes all of your infrastructure’s audit logging into one central place, mapping every query, every command and every session to an individual user's identity. As you hire more engineers and resources scale, it can become increasingly difficult to manage all of this log data. Luckily Teleport’s extensibility makes this log data extremely easy to format, export and monitor all in a secure, event-driven way.
Oct 6, 2022   |  By Joel Wejdenstål
Security Assertion Markup Language 2.0, or more commonly known as SAML in the industry, is one of the most used protocols for single-sign-on on the modern web. It allows an application like Teleport to communicate with an upstream identity provider like Okta or Google Workspace to securely get trusted information about users when they log in, removing the need for sign-ups, log-ins and tying identities to people inside the application.
Oct 3, 2022   |  By Nate Magee
With Teleport, Gluu can provide its clients with near-instantaneous access to its open-source software, allowing them to get up and running in minutes. This is a huge benefit for organizations who need to quickly provision their tools in order to start using them. In the past, Gluu has documented many ways that it uses Teleport to provide Gluu clients a gateway for their tools.
Oct 3, 2022   |  By Ben Arent
Teleport 10.3 was released on September 30, 2022 along with a lot of new features, bug fixes and improvements. This blog post will focus on one new feature that deserves a deeper dive.
Sep 27, 2022   |  By Victor Elezua
JSON web tokens (JWTs) are an open standard for securely transmitting data as a JSON object between parties in a compact and self-contained format. Knowledge of JWTs is important because most modern systems and tools use them for secure, efficient and scalable authorization. Knowing about JWTs will also help you understand how third-party integrations with other software work.
Nov 22, 2022   |  By Teleport
A default Kubernetes cluster isn't safe by default. You have secrets in plain text, open and unencrypted pod to pod communication, insecure access, and much more to tighten down. In this video, we'll discuss 5 strategies to better secure your Kubernetes cluster from the outset.
Nov 16, 2022   |  By Teleport
There are hundreds of public cases detailing how companies leaked sensitive user data accidentally due to misconfiguration issues. Any data breach can have catastrophic effects on the business and individuals of the compromise.
Nov 4, 2022   |  By Teleport
In this video, we'll look at how to manage Kubernetes access with Teleport. We'll set up a Teleport cluster, securely add a Kubernetes cluster to be managed in Teleport, do a deep dive on controlling access to Kubernetes with Teleport's RBAC system, and end with an overview of Teleport's built-in auditing capabilities.
Oct 20, 2022   |  By Teleport
Watch this webinar to learn about the challenges in securely delegating access to your AWS resources. Specific topics covered include.
Sep 15, 2022   |  By Teleport
Easily control who can provision and access your critical AWS resources while improving security and compliance. Watch this webinar as Allen Vailliencourt from Teleport discusses how to.
Sep 14, 2022   |  By Teleport
In this video, we'll look at how to connect Teleport to Microsoft SQL Server with Active Directory authentication. We'll also be exploring Teleport's RBAC system, Audit logs, as well as how to connect a GUI like Azure Data Studio, SSMS, or Datagrip to our database via Teleport. Some of the mentioned resources may already be set up or active in your environment. If so, feel free to utilize the timestamps below to maximize your situation.
Sep 2, 2022   |  By Teleport
Passwords are everywhere. Sometimes they are obvious — hardcoded in the code or laying flat in the file, but other times they take the form of API keys, tokens, cookies, or even second factors. Devs pass them in environment variables, vaults mount them on disk, teams share them over links, and copy them to CI/CD systems and code linters. Eventually, someone leaks, intercepts, or steals them. Because they pose a security risk, there is no other way to say it: passwords in our infrastructure have to go.
Aug 18, 2022   |  By Teleport
Despite the steady drumbeat of news stories on security breaches caused by compromised credentials, 70% of teams still use secrets such as private keys or passwords to grant infrastructure access. In this webinar, we’ll cover why all forms of secrets are bad for you and your business, and why MFA is not good enough. We'll cover how the adoption of Passwordless Authentication and related hardware technologies like TPMs and HSMs fix a slew of problems, including making phishing attacks a thing of the past.
Mar 5, 2020   |  By Teleport
While SSH has always been a popular attack vector, the increased adoption of elastic, cloud infrastructure and dynamic, micro-service architecture using containerized application services (aka, "cloud-native" applications), has resulted in the additional complexity of having application services that can migrate across dynamic server infrastructure. This makes managing access to applications and their infrastructure through SSH more complicated and more prone to security threats.
Mar 5, 2020   |  By Teleport
With their rapidly changing architecture and API-driven automation, cloud platforms come with unique security challenges and opportunities. This hands-on book guides you through security best practices for multivendor cloud environments, whether your company plans to move legacy on-premises projects to the cloud or build a new infrastructure from the ground up.
Mar 1, 2020   |  By Teleport
In this paper, we will provide a brief description of what SSM Session Manager is and how it compares to Gravitational's Teleport privileged access management solution. We'll compare the significant design and feature differences and the operational overhead of the solutions. Because Session Manager is limited to AWS, we'll limit the scope of the discussion to that cloud provider. Finally, we have provided a feature matrix of the two solutions.
Feb 1, 2020   |  By Teleport
HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, sets the standard for protecting sensitive patient data. Any company that deals with protected health information (PHI) must ensure that all the required physical, network, and process security measures are in place and followed.
Feb 1, 2020   |  By Teleport
The goal of the paper is to identify key challenges and the most promising opportunities for small to medium sized server hosting providers in an era of rapid commoditization driven by AWS.

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