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Teleport Workload Identity

With Teleport 15.2, we’ve added a preview for Teleport Workload Identity. Teleport Workload Identity lets teams bootstrap and issue identities to services across heterogeneous environments and organizational boundaries. A core value of Teleport comes from having a central access platform, and we believe that humans and machine access need to join and access using the same zero-trust best practices.

Teleport Community Edition will restrict commercial usage starting with version 16

We open sourced Teleport in 2015 with a mission to secure access to infrastructure. It has since become a popular open source project with over 15,000 GitHub stars and is licensed under AGPLv3. We have been offering the stable releases of the Teleport Community Edition binaries and images distributed under the permissive Apache 2.0 license.

Teleport Starts Issuing CVEs

Teleport is an open source company. We develop in the open, including full disclosure of security issues in our changelogs and pull requests. We share our penetration tests and key compliance reports. Despite this, our communication to open source users and integration with automated security tooling needed improvement. We needed a standardized way to refer to our vulnerabilities so that when two people (or systems) talk about a vulnerability, they know they’re talking about the same thing.

2024 Predictions from Teleport CEO Ev Kontsevoy

In 2024, I hope to see significant growth and renewed optimism in the tech sector. Personally, I’m looking forward to the year ahead with positivity as Teleport enters an important period and a packed pipeline of significant enhancements to the platform. These capabilities are increasingly critical to a threat landscape that is centered on attacking identity and exploiting human behavior.

Is Santa an insider threat?

Is Santa an insider threat? He breaks into your home, consumes cookies, drinks milk/whisky and leaves a collection of items hidden behind highly decorated wrapping paper. Rumor has it that he can tell if you’re naughty or nice and is actively tracked by NORAD. Can we trust Santa with his elevated access? The answer is, of course, Yes, because we are all Santa. Santa is ultimate trusted Certificate Authority, entrusting intermediate trust to parents worldwide.

Teleport OSS will relicense to AGPLv3

We began working on Teleport with a vision to make trusted computing a reality for everyone, even for people without large budgets. That’s why we open sourced Teleport in 2015. Achieving this lofty goal takes a lot of work, which in turn requires capital. That is why we founded Teleport as a company and started to offer premium features required by enterprises. Thus, we must strike a delicate balance between benefiting the community and succeeding as a business.

Teleport 14

Once again it’s time for everyone’s favorite announcement: a brand new Teleport release! This release marks version 14 of Teleport and is packed with features, including a UI makeover. Let’s dive in! Teleport 14 brings the following new major features and improvements: Below are a few highlights: In addition, this release includes several changes that affect existing functionality listed in the “Breaking changes” section below.