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Rubrik Incremental Merge: A New Approach to Oracle Backups

When the well-renowned Oracle database started penetrating the enterprise, database administrators typically backed up to tape and disk, with the former being the preferred target. To support the various tape and disk vendors in the marketplace, Oracle came up with the concept of a media management layer that allowed vendors to provide front-ends to their tape or disk devices.


Honeypot Recon: New Variant of SkidMap Targeting Redis

Since Redis is becoming increasingly popular around the world, we decided to investigate attacks on the Redis instance. We didn’t have to wait long for the first results of the Honeypot. The trap caught an activity about which the Western world does not hear too often while analyzing SkidMap. More importantly, this variant turned out to be a new, improved, dangerous variation of the malware. Its level of sophistication surprised us quite a bit.

Unlocking AI Potential: Streamlining Database Access with Teleport

- Captivated by the capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, today, many of our data research friends are experimenting with tools and datasets to learn how Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Generative Pretrained Transformers (GPT) can be used to solve unique and challenging business problems. While many sample corpora datasets exist, experimenting on your production datasets is often needed but difficult due to access restrictions, challenging network configurations, or complicated approval processes.

Honeypot Recon: MSSQL Server - Database Threat Overview '22/'23

In a constantly connected world, protecting sensitive data in what are often complex database structures requires staying up to date with cyber criminals’ malicious attack techniques, and infection methods. This research is an extension of another project which involves monitoring attacks carried out on database servers worldwide. Understanding how these bots work can keep your digital world safe and secure.


Honeypot Recon: Global Database Threat Landscape

In today's digital era, the importance of securing databases cannot be overstated. As more and more global businesses and organizations rely on DBMS systems to store tons of sensitive information, the risk of targeted attacks and data breaches continues to increase. Therefore, the importance of monitoring and uncovering new actors along with their - often unique - attack techniques and methods is crucial.


RDS: Do not allow clipboard redirection- The Policy Expert

Hardening the “RDS: Do not allow clipboard redirection” settings is a fundamental step in server hardening. Hardening servers can be a painful procedure. Hardening remote services such as RDS is one of the most critical operational components when hardening servers as it have immediate impact on user and application functionality. Endless hours, and resources are invested in this process. However, despite the efforts, hardening often causes damage to production server environments.


Hackers Backdoor to Microsoft SQL Servers using Trigona ransomware

South Korean cyber security organisation AhnLab has identified a breach in Microsoft SQL servers allowing deployment of Trigona ransomware. The attacks were threat actors using brute-force or dictionary attacks with obtained or guessed credentials to infiltrate externally accessible MS-SQL servers.

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New Vulnerability in MySQL JDBC Driver: RCE and Unauthorized DB Access

We have found a new vulnerability in MySQL Connector/J (CVE-2023-21971). Oracle issued a critical path update that fixed the issue on April 18, 2023. The vulnerability was found as part of our collaboration with Google’s OSS-Fuzz