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Teleport Kubernetes Demo | Setup, RBAC, Event Auditing

In this video, we'll look at how to manage Kubernetes access with Teleport. We'll set up a Teleport cluster, securely add a Kubernetes cluster to be managed in Teleport, do a deep dive on controlling access to Kubernetes with Teleport's RBAC system, and end with an overview of Teleport's built-in auditing capabilities.

How to Connect to Microsoft SQL Server Remotely Using Teleport

In this video, we'll look at how to connect Teleport to Microsoft SQL Server with Active Directory authentication. We'll also be exploring Teleport's RBAC system, Audit logs, as well as how to connect a GUI like Azure Data Studio, SSMS, or Datagrip to our database via Teleport. Some of the mentioned resources may already be set up or active in your environment. If so, feel free to utilize the timestamps below to maximize your situation.

Secretless, Identity-based Infrastructure Access

Passwords are everywhere. Sometimes they are obvious — hardcoded in the code or laying flat in the file, but other times they take the form of API keys, tokens, cookies, or even second factors. Devs pass them in environment variables, vaults mount them on disk, teams share them over links, and copy them to CI/CD systems and code linters. Eventually, someone leaks, intercepts, or steals them. Because they pose a security risk, there is no other way to say it: passwords in our infrastructure have to go.

Why You Need to Ditch Passwords, Private Keys, and All Other Forms of Secrets

Despite the steady drumbeat of news stories on security breaches caused by compromised credentials, 70% of teams still use secrets such as private keys or passwords to grant infrastructure access. In this webinar, we’ll cover why all forms of secrets are bad for you and your business, and why MFA is not good enough. We'll cover how the adoption of Passwordless Authentication and related hardware technologies like TPMs and HSMs fix a slew of problems, including making phishing attacks a thing of the past.