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Secure your cloud from source to run

Security is changing, you need to adapt to the Cloud. Sysdig: Secure your Cloud from Source to Run. Cloud security that avoids, that alerts, closes gaps, grants access, takes charge. That checks out, that scales up, that keeps up. That’s there From source, to run. That’s Sysdig! A single view of risk. With no blind spots. Rich context to prioritize what matters. With no guesswork. A platform based on open standards. With no black boxes.

What's Next for Log4j? Tales From the Trenches Panel

The recently discovered flaw in Apache’s Log4j software continues to stress security teams and put many organizations at risk. Because Log4j is very difficult to detect, many scanners may not detect it. Rezilion researchers conducted a survey using multiple open source and commercial scanning tools and assessed the tools against a dataset of packaged Java files where Log4j was nested and packaged in various formats. While no scanner was able to detect Log4j in all formats initially, several scanner makers were quick to respond and update their technology to find the bug.

Preqin Moves to Secure Cloud File Sharing with Egnyte

London-based Preqin is an industry leading alternative asset research firm. With a dispersed global workforce, Preqin struggled with data access challenges from their aging local file servers. In this video, learn how Preqin leveraged Egnyte to support its new cloud-first strategy. Access from anywhere, backup and restore capabilities, secure file access and auditing were key reasons that Egnyte was selected. The company can now respond easily to Subject Access Requests (SARs) thanks to automated PII detection. Operational overhead for managing servers and manual backups and restores are a thing of the past, resulting in tremendous time savings.

Why We Collect ~70B Security Issues/Week

At SecurityScorecard, we're collecting close to 70 billion security issues per week. Here's how: Worldwide data collection Our goal is to non-intrusively pick up enough data signals from every company worldwide to form an opinion on their cyber hygiene and vulnerability. Malware Sinkholing Working with law enforcement, our R&D team is Our security analysts are looking at the underground criminal communication for poor patching cadence and hygiene indicators.

How Hospital Hacks Happen 1: The Unmanaged IOT

"How Hospital Hacks Happen" is the first in a series of videos that aims to raise awareness and education regarding both how hospitals can be attacked and how they can better protect their patients, medical devices and systems. The videos showcase various attack vectors and actors. In this one we look at unmanaged Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

LimaCharlie: Security Infrastructure as a Service

Full featured free tier of two agents. LimaCharlie provides cybersecurity tools and infrastructure on-demand in a way that scales. We call this approach Security Infrastructure as a Service. It is a DevOps or engineering-centric approach to cybersecurity. A way of getting things done that would feel familiar to anybody that has worked with Amazon Web Services or any other major cloud provider. There are no contracts and no minimums. Easily get what you want and only pay for what you use.