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Things to Ask Your SSE Vendor: Episode 8: How can I get actual value from my CASB?

CASB can often just be a 4-letter word. With teams across the board struggling to implement CASB effectively (or get it up and running at all), Axis determined to create our solution in a way that makes controlling SaaS access and protecting data in these apps easy for teams managing them.

The City of San Jose trusts Axis to help power their modern workplace

With over 7,000 employees serving +1 million people, the City of San Jose desperately understands the need for driving digital transformation. Supporting a now mobile workforce, the City recognizes that in order to create a secure and resilient city, it requires a shift in how they approach secure access to applications.

Automating insider threat monitoring

From ingestion of relevant data sources to automation around threat monitoring, the security engineering team at Netskope utilizes Sumo Logic as a key tool in the protection of their intellectual property. Join this session to learn how something that began as an idea for an easy-to-use dashboards developed into a near completely automated process for data collection and correlation for investigating suspicious activity.

Introducing Keeper MSP Upgraded Billing Platform

Keeper has updated our MSP platform and licensing to be much more flexible. This allows managed service providers and their managed companies to allocate Keeper licenses to their users and pay for those licenses at the end of the month. While other MSP solutions in the market bill upfront before licenses are allocated to users, Keeper’s new billing model is designed to scale with your MSP business as you add individual managed companies and users.

Optimize and Automate

SecurityScorecard Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer Sam Kassoumeh shares Tip #1 from our ebook, 5 Ways to Secure Your Organization in Turbulent Times: Optimize and automate your business ecosystem risk management (aka your third-party risk management) program - to save time and reduce risk.Your security posture is never just your security posture. In this hyperconnected cloud ecosystem, it’s a combination of your own, your vendors’, their vendors’, and so on. Learn how the cyber health of your ecosystem can grow trust and integrity with your clientbase, and also maintain business continuity.

Meet the Best Hackers: Shuchita Mishra and Parth Shukla | SnykWeek Boston

During SnykWeek Boston, Shuchita Mishra and Parth Shukla were crowned the best hackers by fixing the most vulnerabilities during our fix challenge. Check out our interview with them to learn about the passion for developer security and what they loved most about Snyk.

Stranger Danger: Your Java Attack Surface Just Got Bigger

Building Java applications today means that we take a step further from writing code. We use open-source dependencies, create a Dockerfile to deploy containers to the cloud, and orchestrate this infrastructure with Kubernetes. Welcome, you're a cloud native application developer! As developers, our responsibility broadened, and more software means more software security concerns for us to address.