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Password Length vs Complexity: Which Is More Important?

In this video, learn about the differences between password length and complexity, which is more important, and four tips to improve password security in your organization. Learn more about: Resources and social media: Transcript: It’s no secret that passwords aren’t foolproof. In fact, the most common way that hackers infiltrate an organization is through stolen credentials. But until the day that everything has shifted to passwordless authentication, passwords are still necessary. So, how can we make them as strong and effective as possible?

Shamane Tan on rising up - Cyber Security Decoded

Inspirational words from Shamane Tan on Cyber Security Decoded…as you climb your personal ladder to success, you should be your biggest cheerleader! There won’t always be someone there to recommend you for promotions or point you in the right direction. People come and go, and opportunities arise and vanish. That’s why in order to grow, whether it’s in the #CyberSecurity industry, the broader #Technology industry, or elsewhere, you must always be proactive in seeking out new ways to grow personally and professionally!

Nightfall AI: The First AI-Native Enterprise DLP Platform

Legacy DLP solutions never worked. They're point solutions that generate an overwhelming number of false positive alerts, and block the business in the process. But no longer. Enter: Nightfall AI, the first AI-native enterprise DLP platform that protects sensitive data across SaaS, generative AI (GenAI), email, and endpoints, all from the convenience of a unified console.

Top 5 Myths About API Security and What To Do Instead

Discover the top five myths about API security and learn the effective strategies for protecting your digital assets. Understand why attacks are common, the limitations of perimeter security, and the importance of a zero trust model in this comprehensive overview. Uncover the realities of API security, from the prevalence of attacks to the challenges of relying on perimeter defenses. Learn why a zero trust approach and better developer engagement are key to robust API protection.

Unlocking the Future: Facial Recognition & Biometrics

Dive into the world of Facial Recognition and Biometrics with us! 🌐✨ This video explores the cutting-edge technology of facial recognition and its integration with biometric data for seamless, contactless access. ✨🔐 From enhancing security to ensuring privacy, discover how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the way we interact with technology. But it's not all about convenience; we also delve into the critical aspects of privacy and security considerations. 🔒💡

How to choose the Best Node.js Docker Image

Today we walk through the best options for your Node.js Docker Image, how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes, and the best ways to strengthen the security of your projects effectively. ⏲️ Chapters ⏲️ ⚒️ About Snyk ⚒️ Snyk helps you find and fix vulnerabilities in your code, open-source dependencies, containers, infrastructure-as-code, software pipelines, IDEs, and more! Move fast, stay secure.