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How to Secure Remote Workers and Cloud Access at the Same Time

In an era where remote work and cloud-first applications have transformed the business landscape, hardening cloud and remote access has never been more critical. Join us for a live event to explore cohesive strategies for safeguarding your organization's most valuable assets in the cloud. Thought leaders Jerald Dawkins, Ph.D., Chris Clements, and Michael Oglesby will introduce Argo Edge, a cutting-edge cloud-first security solution, and how it addresses these challenges head-on. Learn more about how to provide robust protection for your users – regardless of their location.

Incorporating Every Element - SSC as a Platform by Yoav Landman | CTO & Co-founder, JFrog

Managing and securing the software supply chain end-to-end is one of the most difficult challenges facing DevOps and DevSecOps teams today. As developers continue to push all boundaries on the left and right side of the software release cycle, enterprise focus remains on binaries, and their movement through the pipeline automatically and securely. See how an integrated, consistent platform approach is the only way to solve next-gen supply chain challenges!

The Next-Gen Software Supply Chain by Shlomi Ben Haim | CEO & Co-founder, JFrog

The evolution from DevOps and CI/CD to cloud-native technologies, microservices architecture, security and governance - and now all the way to automation and Artificial Intelligence - requires a new generation of SSC management that aims to deliver software faster, with higher quality, enhanced security, and improved customer experiences. In this session, we’ll share insights from over 7,000 JFrog customers, and what the Fortune 100 list tells us about where the software supply chain is headed Next!

Power Up with AI - How to Take Your GRC to the Next Level

Get ready to dive into the intersection of AI and GRC, where leveling up your program isn't just a metaphor – it's the next level of success. GRC leaders are discovering how AI is the ultimate power up, enhancing their security posture and helping them knock out risks and liability proactively. With AI by their side, GRC teams are dashing through challenging security questionnaires, scoring points with customers, and leaving their competitors in the dust.

Securing the Software Supply Chain: Key Findings From the Mend Open Source Risk Report

Open source vulnerabilities are in permanent growth mode. A significant quarterly increase in the number of malicious packages published in registries such as npm and rubygems have shown the increasing need to protect against this trending attack. At the same time, companies struggle to close the remediation gap on known vulnerable open source code. It’s all in The Mend Open Source Risk Report, which details these and other significant risks posed by the ongoing rise in open source vulnerabilities and software supply chain attacks.