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Snyk Workflows - Basic Workflows (IDE & CLI)

Snyk integrates with your IDEs, repos, workflows, and automation pipelines to add security expertise to your toolkit. The “menu” of options available to you is extensive, so we created this three-part series to get you started and running. The first session covers basic workflows in the IDE and CLI. You’ll learn to proactively plan how to leverage Snyk in different places and different ways. We will cover basic workflows and how to use them, as well as quick tips.

Industry Insights: Arctic Wolf Keeps MinnWest Bank's Customer Data Safe

As a regional operation deeply rooted in the community, MinnWest Bank understands how important it is to make sure their customers’ personal and financial data is secure. By partnering with the Arctic Wolf® Security Operations Model, this Minnesota financial institution understands risks better, is able to react to threats with confidence, and gained visibility across their environment — all with 24x7 expert support.

Take GitHub threats seriously: The largest code-sharing platform is extending your attack surface

In 2021, GitGuardian scanned over 1 billion data points on, and the results were stunning. More than 6 million secrets – think API keys, database connection strings, and private certificates – were exposed on the platform! Even more striking is the share of secrets and sensitive data exposed on the personal repositories of developers or open-source projects, of which SecOps teams lack visibility and control.

Stranger Danger: Your JavaScript Attack Surface Just Got Bigger

Building JavaScript applications today means that we take a step further from writing code. We use open-source dependencies, create a Dockerfile to deploy containers to the cloud, and orchestrate this infrastructure with Kubernetes. Welcome - you're a cloud native application developer! As developers, our responsibility has broadened, and more software means more software security concerns for us to address.

Hello CISO - Episode 7: Secrets management and infrastructure

Secrets management isn't just about usernames and passwords anymore, so how do you protect an infrastructure comprised of physical machines, virtual machines, and people all constantly exchanging secrets? In this episode of Hello CISO, Troy's talking secrets: how to protect them, and why the old way of thinking won't cut it anymore. To learn more about 1Password Secrets Automation, the new way to secure, orchestrate, and manage company secrets, visit

The Business of Biometrics: Data Protection and Ethical Standards in Cyber Security

In this episode, I am joined by Chris Dawson and Iain Pye to talk about the biometric technology, what can be done to improve it, and how it might be utilised in the future. In this episode, we covered the following topics: We discuss biometrics and the security and management of the data collected, and how the data has been collected and used by the government, the military, and corporations. We also talk about the moral and legal issues of how biometric data is used and stored, and how individuals can be put at risk.