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We are Mend - Company celebration of rebranding from WhiteSource Software to Mend

Mend company celebration of the launch of its rebrand, from WhiteSource Software to Mend. Mend effortlessly secures what developers create. We remove the burden of application security, allowing teams to meet the need to create and deliver quality, secure code faster.

Flow Use Case: Automate Continuous Firewall Traffic Monitoring

This Flow allows you to monitor all the traffic from your firewall by correlating it against a table that contains malicious IP addresses. If there is a match, Flow will generate an enriched event that will be logged in a designated table. From this new table, you can take further action by creating detection rules to identify threats that put your organization at risk. Table of Contents.

[PAM Masterclass] Episode 3: Mastering remote password management

In this latest episode of the PAM masterclass, we'll explore the remote password management capabilities of ManageEngine's PAM suite. We will also learn to generate strong and unique passwords that comply with built-in and custom policies, and automatically reset passwords of your remote resources. Key takeaways.

LimaCharlie: Security Infrastructure as a Service

Full featured free tier of two agents. LimaCharlie provides cybersecurity tools and infrastructure on-demand in a way that scales. We call this approach Security Infrastructure as a Service. It is a DevOps or engineering-centric approach to cybersecurity. A way of getting things done that would feel familiar to anybody that has worked with Amazon Web Services or any other major cloud provider. There are no contracts and no minimums. Easily get what you want and only pay for what you use.

Random but Memorable - Episode 9.7: Delete Message Security Questions

On today’s show we react to WWDC, discuss everything new with iOS 16, and what Passkeys will mean for passwords. Plus we offer up an extended-edition of Watchtower Weekly and kick-off a brand new game! Who will stumble and be lost for words in our Security Question Generation Game?

Is Cyber Insurance Enough to Protect You?

Your cyber insurance won't protect you from ransomware. Here's why: It doesn't make your company resilient in and of itself. Think of it like regular house insurance: Just because you have insurance, it doesn't mean you shouldn't get a smoke alarm in your house and get contractors to check for gas leaks. Here are 2 recommendations to be prepared for a ransomware attack.