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Top 3 requests a helpdesk team should NEVER ask you

Our 2nd-Line Cloud Engineer Nathan, sits down with Jennifer to go through some of the BASIC requests a helpdesk team should never ask! 🎯 His top 3… 👉 We will never ask you to click a link via email 👉 We would never ask for your password 👉 MFA codes - we will never send a request for this information Want to know more about how your business can adopt a Zero-Trust approach? Find out here:

How secure is your Zendesk instance? Find out with Nightfall's Zendesk DLP scanner

When your customers reach out for help, they send messages to your support team that likely contain personal information. Help desk ticketing systems can often harvest for personally identifiable information (PII) like email addresses and credit card numbers, while healthcare providers using ticketing systems may request protected health information (PHI) like patient names and health insurance claim numbers or phone numbers.


Open source data loss prevention for helpdesk ticketing systems

When your customers want help, ticketing systems provide the first line of communication between your company and your customers. Solving a problem or resolving an issue for your customers often requires collecting a lot of information and context throughout the support interaction. Especially today, these interactions can be captured through a myriad of channels including but not limited to messaging apps, SMS, social media, help centers, forums, bots, video conferencing, and more.


Resolve network security issues efficiently with the Firewall Analyzer-ServiceDesk Plus integration

ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer reviews firewall logs to capture network security threats. It generates alerts upon detecting security threats and attacks, and notifies you, the security administrator, in real time. You can configure alerts to be sent via email, SMS, and more. With these real-time notifications, you can troubleshoot to take instant remedial action. You can also make changes to your firewall policies and configurations to prevent recurring security incidents.

Reduce Call Volume and Support Costs with Intelligent Self-Service

A large cause of this abandonment is customers becoming frustrated over the password reset process, with lengthy wait times for IT assistance to regain access. In the workplace, giving employees the ability to reset their own passwords can save your organization ~$140 per employee per year and eliminate the time spent waiting for IT help desk assistance.

JIRA Service Desk vs ServiceNow: Ticketing System Comparison

Ticketing systems are essential to today's enterprise IT help desk operations—without them, service requests and issues would end up lost inside a flurry of emails and handwritten notes. Both JIRA's Service Desk and ServiceNow are leading solutions in this category; the latter has a 25% share of the IT service management (ITSM) market, while Atlassian—though more software developer-focused—is a household name when it comes to project management and collaboration tools.