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Jan 25, 2023   |  By SignMyCode
In recent years, security professionals have seen a rise in unauthorized access over devices, the spread of malware, and system corruption. And while finding the root cause, most of the answers concluded with downloading and installing malicious files. When anyone downloads an infected file and doesn’t check its authenticity, the possibility of getting attacked increases. Whether it’s a personal system or an organizational device, you must check the file.
Jan 24, 2023   |  By SignMyCode
As a developer, you must have asked, “Why Should I Sign My Code?” when anyone enters into software development, then only they heard about the term – code signing. And then people understand the importance of a Code Signing Certificate. But, the query continues beyond just understanding the definition or using a certificate to sign software digitally. There are a lot more aspects that a developer must know from the questions getting raised by developers present globally.
Jan 23, 2023   |  By SignMyCode
In the security domain, various digital certificates get used by businesses to secure their IT environment. But, when it comes to finding the certificate to digitally sign applications, most people need help finding a reliable solution. Due to it, some select the wrong certificate, creating complexities and not fulfilling their requirements. But, there will be no complexities for you, as by reading further, you will understand what type of certificate you need and how to digitally sign.
Jan 18, 2023   |  By SignMyCode
Several web applications have been booming in recent years, as every organization prefers it for business due to its easy maintenance and advanced features. And it’s evident that when a firm uses any application, it processes confidential data. Whenever data comes into play, cyber-attacks and security aspects accompany it. And same is the case with web applications. Like other software, application security is also crucial for web applications.
Jan 13, 2023   |  By SignMyCode
With the growth of the online business, digital certificates have become a necessity and a mandatory component. Whether someone needs to launch a website, release software, or want to strengthen security, digital certificates are necessary for all. Besides, you must have heard professionals on various online forums discussing the upgrades of such certificates. But, just listening to the word “Digital Certificate” is not enough to understand all such stuff.
Jan 12, 2023   |  By SignMyCode
Building a new API for your web app is an exciting undertaking. It’s beneficial for everyone involved: the developers who want to build integrations for your app, the users who will reap the rewards of those connections, and your bottom line as more people are drawn to your network. New APIs may be beneficial for developers, but hackers also see this as an opportunity to gain unauthorized access to data stored on your servers.
Jan 10, 2023   |  By SignMyCode
Need to boost the number of downloads for your application? Check out this detailed article on how to increase app downloads today! Uncover techniques such as user acquisition, optimization and more. Developed your application? Congratulations on that! The next challenge is how to increase your app download. After all, the bottom line is to get it downloaded by users and ultimately used.
Jan 4, 2023   |  By SignMyCode
The file has a virus or not! Though it is a four worded sentence, it is sure to scare you off. This concern is real as there is no scarcity of malware or viruses lurking in all corners of the world. Given the challenging technological scenario, detecting legitimate download sites is getting tougher every day. Fortunately, cybersecurity experts are saving us. Thus, detecting a virus corrupted file has become a convenient process.
Jan 3, 2023   |  By SignMyCode
Uncover the mysteries behind Certificate Authorities and how they play an integral role in secure communication. Explore what is a Certificate Authority comprehensive guide now! Certificate Authorities (CA) play a key role when obtaining a digital security certificate. They are similar to driving licensing authorities but for the digital world where they verify the business identity before issuing any security certificate.
Dec 30, 2022   |  By SignMyCode
You probably know what a code signing certificate is and why it is needed. But for the uninitiated, a code signing certificate is a digital security certificate used by software developers to sign their apps, drivers, software, executable codes, and others. It provides end-users the surety that the software code they received hasn’t been altered or compromised. A Certificate Authority (CA) will provide you with a code signing certificate after conducting the required validation.
Aug 25, 2022   |  By SignMyCode
Let your customers give authentication to assure customers that the file they are downloading is from the publisher that can be trusted. This is especially important for publishers who distribute their software through third-party download sites, which they may have no control over.

SignMyCode is a one-stop shop for an affordable and authentic code signing solution offering code signing certificates from reputed certificate authorities like Comodo & Sectigo for individual developers and software organizations aiming to keep your software, applications, scripts and executables tamper proof and safe from unauthorized access using digital signatures.

Types of Code Signing Certificates:

  • EV Code Signing: Code Sign your software, scripts, executables, applications and instantly remove the notorious Microsoft SmartScreen Reputation Filter warning message that scares users.
  • OV Code Signing: Digitally sign your software & executables and immediately remove unknown publisher warnings while showing your identity as a publisher name.
  • Individual Code Signing: Individually code sign your software, scripts, and applications that help you get recognized as a genuine and verified software developer.
Show Your Authenticity by Signing Your Software Using a Trusted Code Signing Certificate.