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SCA and SBOM: What's the Difference?

What’s the difference between an SBOM verse SCA tools? Allow us to explain. Software bill of materials (SBOMs) have been garnering a lot of attention as of late, especially since the 2021 Biden Administration executive order mandating that organizations doing business with the government provide a detailed inventory of all components that make up an application to improve cybersecurity.


Rezilion vs SCA: How The Two Compare

Software composition analysis tools (SCA) are not created equal. A big pain point is that because they’re limited in what they see, developers get caught in a sea of false positives, which slows down their response time. That’s not the case with Rezilion’s SCA. Our tool remediates any significant issues it uncovers throughout the SDLC. Here’s what you can expect: Full visibility.


Software Composition Analysis of Git repositories

Open source software adoption reaches higher levels every year. Recent figures show that over 70% of code used in codebases is open source. With a constant stream of new components comes increased requirements to manage the inherent risks associated with open source. Requirements that quickly turn into a necessity as supply chain attacks increased by 400% in 2021. The practice to identify and track open source components usually falls under the umbrella of Software Composition Analysis (SCA).