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Sep 13, 2023   |  By Pentest People
Penetration Testing, often referred to as 'pen testing' or 'ethical hacking', is a practice wherein a simulated cyber attack is launched against your own computer system. The objective is to unearth vulnerabilities before malicious hackers do and fix them promptly to bolster your security stance.
Sep 6, 2023   |  By Pentest People
Penetration Testing is a crucial security measure for any organisation with an online presence, as it helps to identify and manage potential threats. To ensure the highest standards of security are being met, there are several penetration testing standards that organisations should be aware of.
Sep 1, 2023   |  By Pentest People
Firewall Penetration Testing is an essential part of any security strategy. It tests the effectiveness of firewalls and other network security measures by attempting to breach them, exposing vulnerabilities before attackers can exploit them. By conducting regular firewall penetration tests, organisations can protect their networks from malicious actors trying to gain access or disrupt operations.
Aug 25, 2023   |  By Pentest People
A Web Application is a software program that runs on a server and enables users to interact with the application over the internet. It allows users to perform tasks such as creating accounts, logging in, accessing data, managing content, and more. Web applications are designed to be dynamic and user-friendly while providing secure access to information or services.
Aug 24, 2023   |  By Pentest People
AWS stands for Amazon Web Services. AWS penetration testing is the process of testing a cloud infrastructure for potential vulnerabilities. It involves identifying, exploiting and reporting security flaws that could put the system at risk. This type of test helps organisations identify and mitigate any risks to their data and applications hosted on the AWS platform and provide maximum protection for their business operations.
Aug 24, 2023   |  By Pentest People
CREST, or the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers, is an independent accreditation and certification body for the information security industry. It ensures that penetration testers have a minimum standard of qualifications and experience. By using CREST-approved testers, organisations can be certain that their chosen tester is properly qualified to carry out the work.
Aug 23, 2023   |  By Pentest People
AWS Penetration Testing is an evaluation of the security posture of a system or application to identify and mitigate potential vulnerabilities that can be exploited. It helps organisations defend against malicious attacks by identifying misconfigurations, weaknesses, and other threats in their cloud environment.
Aug 17, 2023   |  By Pentest People
AWS Security provides organisations with the tools and resources they need to protect their applications, services and data in the cloud. It can help businesses identify areas of vulnerability, detect malicious activity, monitor traffic patterns for suspicious activity and prevent unauthorised access. It includes features like encryption, authentication, risk assessment and compliance monitoring.
Aug 17, 2023   |  By Pentest People
Cyber resilience is an essential part of protecting both your business and personal data from cyber-attacks. Cyber resilience is achieved by staying informed about the latest security threats, implementing preventative measures to reduce your risk of attack, and having a plan in place to respond swiftly and effectively if you are affected.
Aug 15, 2023   |  By Pentest People
CREST Penetration Testing is a comprehensive cybersecurity assessment that evaluates the security of your organisation’s networks, systems, and applications. It uses proven methodologies to identify potential vulnerabilities and assesses the risk associated with them. The testing also provides recommendations for mitigating those risks.
Apr 18, 2023   |  By Pentest People
This video breaks down our Incident Response Service here at Pentest People and how it works.
Dec 14, 2022   |  By Pentest People
We're proud to say we've just reached the 5-year mark. What a journey it's been. Today we sit down with one of our co-founders, who tells us where it all started and where the idea for SecurePortal & PTaaS began.
Nov 11, 2022   |  By Pentest People
This video highlights the current top cyber threats of 2022 and why they are important for businesses to be aware of.
Nov 7, 2022   |  By Pentest People
This video highlights what our consultants think is the one of the most important top tips for businesses to secure their cyber security safety.
Oct 25, 2022   |  By Pentest People
Cybersecurity awareness doesn't just start with your technical staff, creating a cybersecurity-aware business is key to not falling behind in this modern era.
Oct 21, 2022   |  By Pentest People
We dive into an exclusive interview with one of our security consultants. Discussing how and why they became a pentester, the route they took and the typical day-to-day in a pentester's life.
Oct 18, 2022   |  By Pentest People
Today we look at the most common attack vector: Phishing. We break down the multi-layer approach to a successful phishing defence for businesses.
Oct 3, 2022   |  By Pentest People
Speaking with one of the team leaders at Pentest People. We look into his early career when hacking was just a bit of fun. Breaking down some of the myths surrounding a hacker's life, what pushes him and how businesses need to be aware of all the dangers an everyday hacker presents.
Aug 1, 2022   |  By Pentest People
This week we look at the danger of ransomware threats to a business.
Jul 13, 2022   |  By Pentest People
One of our testers talks us through our Dark Web Monitoring Service.

Pentest People are a UK-based boutique security consultancy focussing on bringing the benefits of Penetration Testing as a Service (PTaaS) to all its clients. This innovative approach to security testing combines the benefits of a consultant-led penetration test and vulnerability assurance through a technologically advanced SecurePortal, providing a living threat system to its clients and benefit through the life of the contract rather than just a single point in time.

Redefining Penetration Testing engagements to bring you Penetration Testing as a Service:

  • Penetration Testing: Pentest People can provide all levels of Penetration Testing based on your exacting requirements. Internal and External assessments can be performed against all types of digital infrastructure.
  • Web Application Testing: Vulnerabilities in modern-day Web Applications have become a major entry point to corporate networks and also have led to many high-profile security breaches.
  • Social Engineering: Pentest People can help you design, plan and execute a Social Engineering engagement that can assess your business-critical controls, policies and procedures within your organisation.

A Fresh Approach to Penetration Testing.