Plugins to put Node.js application security and observability in your IDE

As developers, we spend a lot of time in our IDEs writing new code, refactoring code, adding tests, fixing bugs and more. And in recent years, IDEs have become powerful tools, helping us developers with anything from interacting with HTTP requests to generally boosting our productivity. So you have to ask — what if we could also prevent security issues in our code before we ship it?

Humio Helps Michigan State University Improve SecOps Observability

I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Michigan State University Network Security Engineer David Graff for Episode 46 of our Hoot podcast series. MSU uses Humio for SecOps log management so it was great to get his first-hand perspective on how Humio helps the security team improve visibility and streamline forensics.

Observability: What You Need to Know

Observability has recently become quite the buzzword, populating headlines in DevOps and IT publications. Industry experts like Charity Majors, CTO and co-founder of Honeycomb, and Cindy Sridharan, to name a few, have been spreading the word about the importance of observability, making it clear that it’s more than just a passing trend, it’s an approach that DevOps organizations need to adopt.