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Latest Customer Stories

Industry Insights: Arctic Wolf Keeps MinnWest Bank's Customer Data Safe

As a regional operation deeply rooted in the community, MinnWest Bank understands how important it is to make sure their customers’ personal and financial data is secure. By partnering with the Arctic Wolf® Security Operations Model, this Minnesota financial institution understands risks better, is able to react to threats with confidence, and gained visibility across their environment — all with 24x7 expert support.

Visibility Helps Global Energy Company AES Assess Risk and Secure its OT Networks

With 70 international plants spanning 15 different countries, the AES Corporation is a next-generation energy company helping lead the way to a carbon-neutral future. Like many organizations, AES wanted to improve the security posture within their OT networks with technology spanning multiple vendors. Recently I sat down with Kyle Oetken, Director of Cyber Defense, and Andrew Plunket, Sr. Cybersecurity Engineer (OT), at AES to discuss the challenges and lessons learned for securing OT environments.

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Tabit Addresses API Vulnerabilities Before Major Exploit

Tabit Technologies is a leading mobile hospitality solution provider with a robust product ecosystem that has revolutionized the payments industry. Celebrated globally for streamlining processes for both businesses and end-users, their unique software suite has challenged many of the traditional approaches to point-of-sale, reservation management, wayfinding, dining, and delivery. Consumers are empowered to access inventory and occupancy data to make purchases, reservations, and join waitlists.


Case study: How Mulligan Funding built a SOC 2-compliant fintech SaaS platform with Calico Cloud

The rise of fintech has pushed traditional financial institutions to provide online-based services and launch fintech applications. But these services must be secure and meet certain regulatory requirements, such as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or SOC 2.


Case Study: Manufacturer Tackles Complexity

In this manufacturing case study that showcases Rezilion, we overview how a leading manufacturing company used the platform for several challenges. This company was using a variety of tools for software security, including multiple tools for SCA and Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) generation. Rezilion’s platform was able to simplify their systems and patching for a huge savings.


SOAR'ing to Success: How an Insurance Company Automates Threat Hunting

Many automation tools, such as SOAR, suffer from an ironic Catch-22: you know that automation will save your team huge amounts of time, but it’s difficult to implement and requires skills you don’t necessarily have in-house. Essentially, you can’t afford the tools that will save you money. Ay, there’s the rub! You may have seen tools promising “no-code” capabilities with intuitive GUIs that help non-programmers build abstract functions.


Online Retailer Checks Out Rezilion, Solves Vulnerability Backlog Burden

Rezilion recently worked with an online retailer seeking security, efficiency, and time savings in dealing with their vulnerability backlog. Cumbersome vulnerability backlogs are a problem for most organizations. In fact, research from Ponemon Institute reveals that 66% of security leaders say they have a vulnerability backlog of over 100,000 vulnerabilities. Even more alarming, the research finds that 54% say they were able to patch less than 50% of vulnerabilities in the backlog.


AWS re:Invent 2022: How Neiman Marcus transitioned to developer-first security

At this year’s AWS re:Invent conference, Snyk’s VP of Product Marketing, Ravi Maira, spoke with Omar Peerzada, Cyber Security Architect at Neiman Marcus, about how his team transitioned from older security practices to a developer-first security strategy. Watch the full talk now, or keep reading for the highlights.