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Public Sector

Protecting Government Data in the Digital Age

In today's interconnected world, the digital landscape holds both promise and peril. As guardians of sensitive information, organizations must remain vigilant against the looming threat of data breaches. Recently, a concerning incident has come to light, underscoring the critical importance of robust cybersecurity measures. Let's delve into the breach that has rocked the digital realm, affecting the esteemed Ministry of Rural Development's database.

Equivalency: The Latest FedRamp Memo From DoD

The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program has been around for nearly 15 years. In that time, it changed and was updated periodically to keep up with the times. While changes are occasionally made to the underlying security frameworks like FedRAMP, CMMC and the NIST documentation that reviews each security control, there is also communication directly from the Department of Defense and other organizations to issue additional guidance.

Accelerating Ransomware Recovery with Rubrik Threat Hunting for U.S. Government

At this point, it is clear: cyber attacks from nation-state adversaries persistently threaten local, state, and federal governments, as well as educational institutions. It is not a matter of if bad actors can penetrate existing security controls, as they are already doing so and will continue to do so. Whether it is due to one unpatched machine or one user clicking on a link in an email, we believe cyberattacks are inevitable.

Deciphering CUI: What is Controlled Unclassified Information?

In today’s interconnected digital world, safeguarding sensitive data and preventing unauthorized access is vital, especially for U.S. government agencies, contractors, and other information-sharing partners that compete for Department of Defense (DoD) contracts. While many organizations that work alongside the U.S.

Analysing Operation FlightNight: A Cyber Espionage Campaign Targeting Indian Government and Energy Sectors

Introduction In recent months, the cybersecurity landscape has witnessed the emergence of sophisticated threats targeting critical infrastructure and governmental entities. One such threat, dubbed "Operation FlightNight," has garnered attention due to its strategic targeting of Indian government entities and the energy sector. Foresiet analysts have been diligently investigating this campaign to understand its modus operandi and implications for cybersecurity.

TPRM for Government Contractors: General Services Administration Policies

The U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) is an independent agency that helps manage and support the basic functioning of federal agencies. The GSA supplies products and communications, provides transportation and office space, and oversees the government’s real estate portfolio, among other management tasks.

How to Improve Cybersecurity with Datadog's End-to-End Observability Tailored For the US Government

Watch this webinar to learn how: The Datadog platform helps agencies work across silos that separate development, operations, and security teams to foster collaboration and improve cybersecurity posture Datadog has committed to higher levels of security authorizations, including FedRAMP® High, and Impact Level 5 for DoD agencies Our end-to-end observability platform helps agencies address the unique challenges faced by IT leaders in government, including compliance with stringent security standards outlined in Executive Orders and other regulatory directives.

Public Sector Breach Alert: Q1 2024

Cyber attacks at government organizations are prevalent in 2024, as the government continues to be one of the most targeted sectors. Research by IT Governance has found that in January alone there have been 183 incidents in the public sector, including both ransomware attacks and data breaches. Cybercriminals target government agencies because they store valuable personal data and perform critical functions and services.

How the public sector benefits from Splunk's market-leading SIEM platform

A traditional endpoint security solution (EDR/XDR) isn't cutting it anymore today. Learn more about how our market-leading SIEM solution can help organisations detect what endpoint solutions miss and other critical benefits to tackle the challenges of today's threat landscape.