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CISO advice - building a comprehensive secrets management program

Jason Haddix is the CISO of BuddoBot and former CISO/Head of Security at UbiSoft. In this clip Jason explores why a comprehensive secrets management program is absolutely vital for a organizations. He walks us through his 4 step secrtes management plan he has rolled out to Detect, Prevent, Respond and Educate. Today Jason puts together his cyber leadership skills with his penetration testing background as the CISO of BuddoBot, a world class red team as a service organization that is designed to emulate and prepare your organization for real world attacks.

A TrustCloud Trustimonial: Sevco Security

Security is a team effort, and James Darby from Sevco Security knows it well! 🤝 Discover how TrustCloud's automated plan transformed their security program and gave him the power to assign responsibilities across the organization. It's no longer compliance for compliance's sake; it's assurance that their customers can rely on.

The Dark Side of Cybersecurity: Battling Cyber Evil w/ Paul Dwyer

Paul Dwyer, a prominent figure in the world of cybersecurity, delves into the complex and multifaceted realm of cyber threats. Join us as we explore the blurred lines between cyber warfare, cyber terrorism, and cybercrime, all converging into a malevolent force known as cyber evil. Discover the pivotal role of cybersecurity professionals in combating this darkness, relentlessly protecting our digital society from the abyss.