CloudCasa - How to Deploy CloudCasa on a Rafay Managed Cluster

With Rafay and CloudCasa, enterprises can manage and protect Kubernetes distributions and immediately gain centralized automation, security, visibility, data protection and governance capabilities for Kubernetes and application lifecycle management – across public clouds such as AWS, Azure and GCP.

CloudCasa Introduces New Starter Plan, Bring-Your-Own Storage, and more Application Support for Kubernetes Backup-as-Service

The CloudCasa elves has been busy in their workshop for the past few months, and in December we delivered a stocking full of brand-new Kubernetes data protection goodies just in time for the holidays!

Why CloudCasa is the Best Choice for Backup and Recovery of Red Hat OpenShift

Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform (OCP) is an enterprise-grade Kubernetes platform for building, deploying, running, and managing containerized applications in a hybrid world. The reality is that with Red Hat OCP, building, deploying, running, and managing containerized workloads couldn’t be any easier.

3 Tips for SecOps Teams Doing Data Backups as Part of Post-Attack Ransomware Recovery

Amid all the seemingly unending stories about successful ransomware attacks – even my hometown of Middletown, N.J. is among the most recent to fall victim – there are reasons to feel optimistic. Just in the past several weeks, the internet community united to compile a list of vulnerabilities most commonly used by ransomware attackers to gain initial access. The U.S.

CloudCasa Certified OpenShift Operator Installation Demo

CloudCasa now seamlessly integrates with Red Hat OpenShift via a certified CloudCasa operator, enabling the delivery of comprehensive backup and recovery for your Kubernetes configuration and application data. From the console of Red Hat OCP, you can easily deploy CloudCasa to your clusters to provide comprehensive backup and recovery functions.

Common Causes of Data Backup Failures

No matter how careful you are with your data storage and data protection measures, the risk of data loss is always there. You need to be sure that your company is prepared in the event of cyber attacks or system failures. Hence the need for data backup is so important; a company must have a copy of lost data for swift disaster recovery after a crisis. Too many organizations, however, overlook the possibility that their data backups might also fail.

CloudCasa Launches Kubernetes Persistent Volume Backup with Simple Pricing, Automation and Secure Cloud Storage

Just in time for KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America 2021, Catalogic Software launched the general availability of its premium service for CloudCasa, a powerful Kubernetes backup service that is easy to use, affordable and comes with a generous free service tier. With our Activate Your Kubernetes Backup Superpower theme at KubeCon, CloudCasa unleashes the backup superpower for DevOps and IT teams.

Azure Cloud Storage, PV Backups, and Ransomware Protection with New CloudCasa Release

CloudCasa is a simple, scalable, and inexpensive cloud backup service for protecting your Kubernetes and cloud native applications. We worry about protecting your Kubernetes environment so that you don’t have to! Since the introduction of CloudCasa in November of last year, we’ve been making improvements and adding new features at a steady rate. The CloudCasa team has been very busy this spring, and we’re now pleased to announce yet another major release of new service features!