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GitOps vs. DevOps: What's the Difference and Why Should You Care?

DevOps has been the methodology of choice among developers for over a decade. No doubt, it’s proven its efficiency and ability to speed up processes while uniting teams by promoting open communication and shared responsibility. But will GitOps steal the spotlight? We’re exploring the answer in today’s post by looking at these two methodologies’ similarities and differences, advantages, and limitations.

Using OPA with GitOps to speed cloud-native development

Devops teams are flocking to GitOps strategies to accelerate development time frames and eliminate cloud misconfigurations. They should adopt a similar ‘as-code’ approach to policy. One risk in deploying fleets of powerful and flexible clusters on constantly changing infrastructure like Kubernetes is that mistakes happen. Even minute manual errors that slip past review can have substantial impacts on the health and security of your clusters.