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The 443 Podcast - Episode 294 - Q1 2024 Internet Security Report

This week on the podcast we cover the WatchGuard Threat Lab's Internet Security Report from Q1. In this episode, we discuss the latest trends in malware detections at the network and the endpoint, network attack trends, and malicious domains that targeted WatchGuard customers around the world. The 443 Security Simplified is a weekly podcast that gets inside the minds of leading white-hat hackers and security researchers, covering the latest cybersecurity headlines and trends.

What is Cloudforce One. How we thwarted FlyingYeti's campaign targeting Ukraine

In this week’s episode, we have a segment about how we thwarted a threat campaign targeting Ukraine and explain what our team, Cloudforce One, does. Host João Tomé is joined by Blake Darché, Head of Cloudforce One. First, we discuss how Cloudforce One employed proactive defense measures to successfully prevent Russia-aligned threat actor FlyingYeti from launching their latest phishing campaign targeting Ukraine.

Celebrating 10 years of Project Galileo (with Alissa Starzak)

Alissa Starzak, Global Head of Policy at Cloudflare, about our Project Galileo that is celebrating 10 years. In June 2014, Cloudflare launched Project Galileo, a program which today provides security services, at no cost, to more than 2,600 independent journalists and nonprofit organizations around the world supporting human rights, democracy, and local communities.

What Really Grinds My Gears In Infosec!

Welcome to Razorwire! Join me, Jim, and my guests Chris Dawson and Iain Pye, as we dive into the daily frustrations and pressing issues facing cybersecurity professionals. This episode is filled with insights, gripes, and laughable clichés that saturate our industry. From award ceremony hype to exaggerated LinkedIn credentials, we tackle it all. Stay tuned and subscribe for a candid look at the ups and downs of working in infosec.

Deception as a Defence: Slowing Down Attackers with Psychological Tactics | Razorthorn Security

Discover how the NSA used deception to slow down attackers in this clip with Robert Black. By merely informing attackers that deception was deployed, their progress was significantly hindered. Explore the psychological impact of such tactics on cybersecurity defences.

Alissa Starzak on Internet regulation, elections, and Project Galileo's decade

In this week’s episode, we feature a segment all about policy, Internet regulation, and the 10th anniversary of our Project Galileo. Host João Tomé is joined by Alissa Starzak, Global Head of Policy at Cloudflare, to discuss policy and regulation in 2024. This conversation was recorded in early May 2024 in our San Francisco office. We begin with Alissa’s impressive background, from the private sector to the CIA, the US Army, and then Cloudflare.

The Evolution of Honeypots: From Traps to Intelligence Tools | Razorthorn Security

Robert Black discusses the historical and modern uses of honeypots in cybersecurity. Initially designed as traps, these tools now serve as valuable sources of intelligence, helping organizations understand attacker behaviors and enhance defenses. Learn how deception technology has evolved over time.

Random but Memorable - Episode 12.9: Previously Generated Internet Slop with Jason Meller

Should businesses be tying compensation and bonuses to security performance? We debate this question and more in the latest instalment of Watchtower Weekly. It's also time to get your best guesses ready for the penultimate game of Security Blank! Plus, we sit down with Jason Meller to discuss the recent acquisition of Kolide and what it means for the future of 1Password. In this episode, you'll learn how we can all make the productive way to work the secure way to work.