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The 443 Podcast - Episode 285 - A Postmortem of Microsoft's Security Incident

This week on the podcast, we cover a report from the Department of Homeland Security's Cyber Safety Review Board that analyzes Microsoft's Exchange Online 2023 security incident in excruciating detail. Before that, we cover CISA's new rules around cyber incident reporting and an unsealed indictment against 7 Chinese nationals. The 443 Security Simplified is a weekly podcast that gets inside the minds of leading white-hat hackers and security researchers, covering the latest cybersecurity headlines and trends.

Navigating Conceptual Challenges: Insights from Actuarial Experts in Developing FAIR

Delve into the journey of overcoming conceptual challenges in the development of FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) in this enlightening video. Join as the creator shares personal insights into grappling with quantitative limitations and navigating the complexities of risk assessment. Discover how invaluable support from seasoned executives in actuarial departments provided clarity and assurance amidst uncertainties. Gain valuable perspectives on tackling subjectivity, measurements, and more from experienced professionals.

Random but Memorable - Episode 12.5: Family Online Safety Sandwich with Stephen Balkham from FOSI

How can we make the online world safer for our kids and families? This episode, we learn how to strike a harmonious balance of online privacy and security with founder of the Family Online Safety Institute, Stephen Balkham. Tune in to hear his top tips for keeping our kids and families digital lives safe.

Applying Physics to Cybersecurity: The Journey of Control Factoring | Razorthorn Security

Embark on a journey into the innovative realm of control factoring in cybersecurity in this captivating video. Explore the inspiration behind this approach, rooted in the principles of physics and physical environments. Join the creator as they draw parallels between rating scales for tornado strength and structural requirements, pondering the applicability of such concepts in the cybersecurity domain. Delve into the challenges of translating physical forces into abstract measurements and discover the complexities inherent in this endeavor.

Barracuda's Adam Khan on AI-driven XDR and plugging the security skills gap

In this week’s episode of The Future of Security Operations podcast, Thomas is joined by Adam Khan. Adam is a cybersecurity and technology leader with over 25 years of experience working at Fortune 500 companies. He has a proven track record of building and managing global security teams, leading engineering, infrastructure, application, and product, and is currently VP of Global Security Operations at Barracuda.

Perspective-Driven Probability: Simplifying Risk Assessment with FAIR Methodology

Explore the nuanced nature of probability and risk assessment in this insightful video. Join us as we navigate the diverse perspectives that shape individual interpretations of what's probable. Discover how the FAIR (Factor Analysis of Information Risk) methodology provides a structured approach to understanding and communicating risk, making it accessible not only to the creator but to a wider audience. Gain insights into the challenges of assigning probabilities to uncertain events with limited data, and learn how FAIR methodology offers clarity in the face of uncertainty.

Evolution of Cyber Clarification: Challenging Old Beliefs for New Possibilities |Razorthorn Security

Unravel the evolution of cyber clarification in this thought-provoking video. Drawing inspiration from physicist Max Planck's famous quote, we explore how science – and in this case, cybersecurity – progresses with the passing of the old guard and the emergence of the new. Delve into the challenges faced by those entrenched in traditional beliefs, who once deemed cyber clarification an impossibility. Join us as we challenge these notions and pave the way for new perspectives and possibilities in the realm of cybersecurity.

Unlocking Tactical Insights: Leveraging Fair Models for Military Strategies & Sales Tactics

In this intriguing video, we delve into the transformative power of Fair models originally designed for military applications. Discover how these models can be repurposed to analyze targets, maximize risk, and strategize for both offense and defense. But that's not all – with a simple shift in perspective, these models can be adapted for sales and marketing, helping businesses identify opportunities and mitigate losses. Join us as we explore the fascinating intersection of strategy and marketing tactics.