Distributed Tracing with Datadog

Here at Nightfall we ensure that we are always using the most appropriate technology and tools while building services. Our architecture involves serverless functions, relational and NoSQL databases, Redis caches, Kafka and microservices written in Golang and deployed in a Kubernetes cluster. To effectively monitor and easily troubleshoot our services, we use distributed tracing across our services.

Building Resilience to Financial Crime: the Convergence of Cyber Intelligence, AML, and Fraud Prevention

The idea of converging cyber intelligence, AML, and fraud prevention activities to eliminate the gaps between these silos of financial crime risk management has been discussed for years. However, recent developments in global real-time payments, open banking, and booming digital transactions have escalated the need for this convergence. In this era of instant payments and CNP transactions, traditional siloed approaches to financial crime prevention are loosing their effectiveness.

What Is FIM (File Integrity Monitoring)?

Change is prolific in organizations’ IT environments. Hardware assets change. Software programs change. Configuration states change. Some of these modifications are authorized insofar as they occur during an organization’s regular patching cycle, while others cause concern by popping up unexpectedly. Organizations commonly respond to this dynamism by investing in asset discovery and secure configuration management (SCM).

Hack Yourself Stockholm 2021 - David Jacoby, Jesper Larsson, Mathias Karlsson, and Shane Murnion

A recording of a panel discussion from Hack Yourself Stockholm 2021 on the theme of attack surface management. Hear the panelists discuss what organizations can do to find and better protect their external attack surface. Featuring security experts from: David Jacoby - Deputy Director for the European Global Research and Analysis Team, Kaspersky Jesper Larsson - Freelance IT-Security Researcher & Penetration Tester Mathias Karlsson - Head of Technical Security, Kivra Shane Murnion - Security Specialist, Skandia
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Discovering vulnerable Log4J libraries on your network with EventSentry

Just when the Microsoft Exchange exploit CVE-2021-26855 thought it would win the “Exploit of the year” award, it got unseated by the – still evolving – Log4J exploit just weeks before the end of the year! Had somebody asked Sysadmins in November what Log4J was then I suspect that the majority would have had no idea. It seems that the biggest challenge the Log4J exploit poses for Sysadmins is simply the fact that nobody knows all the places where Log4J is being used.

Removing the Fantasy of Cybersecurity Metrics with Tripwire Connect

One of the most daunting problems in cybersecurity has always been security metrics. In business, practically nothing matters in the absence of the ability to measure actionable results. Profit and loss are the drivers of all businesses. Even non-profit based businesses use metrics to plot their mission and meet their goals.

Zoom Monitoring with Tripwire Configuration Manager

Last month, we covered how Tripwire Configuration Manager can audit your cloud service provider accounts like AWS, Azure, GCP, and other cloud-based services such as Salesforce. In this blog, we will continue our dive into cloud services and show how Tripwire Configuration Manager can monitor your Zoom environments. Zoom is a popular video telecommunications platform that has seen tremendous growth in the past few years.

Cross-border Payments Outlook 2022: Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities

As more and more countries open their borders after COVID-19 travel restrictions, the payments industry is undergoing a shift towards more openness as well. The pandemic gave a boost to the global digital economy, accelerated open banking, and increased the need of moving funds across borders when traveling was not possible. According to the Visa GME study, 87% of global merchant executives see cross-border sales as their biggest growth potential.

Secure Your Configurations with Tripwire's Configuration Manager

As cybersecurity professionals, we are always impressing the importance of patch management as one of the best ways to protect systems against vulnerabilities. Sometimes, the vulnerabilities are never fully exploited. Regardless of the threat possibility, patching is one of the easiest ways to ensure the minimum level of security in an organization.