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Jan 24, 2023   |  By Louise José
Identified as leaders in IoT (Internet of Things) Device Identity Lifecycle Management by ABI Research, and leaders in IoT IAM according to Quadrant, Device Authority and Entrust have worked together to integrate Device Authority’s KeyScaler® IoT IAM (Identity and Access Management) platform with PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) services from Entrust, extending the existing collaboration for Hardware Security Module (HSM) services, to provide device trust, data trust and automation at IoT sca
Jan 17, 2023   |  By Louise José
Every one of your IoT devices has their own machine identity. But how are these identities the key to achieving Zero Trust IoT project? Today’s PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) vendors have specific solutions for managing non-human identities – machines – like servers, laptops, software applications, API’s and other assets found within a corporate network.
Jan 4, 2023   |  By David Bennett
Recently, Device Authority’s CTO James Penney recorded a podcast with Axeda Co-Founder and CTO Jim Hansen. Full disclosure: I was the first Salesperson hired by Axeda in 2001 and I can personally attest that at the time many companies thought we were out of our minds! In the early days, Axeda’s biggest challenge was getting machine makers to use this new thing called the Internet to remotely manage their high value assets in the field.
Nov 15, 2022   |  By Device Authority
Major IoT platform release brings device and data trust, compliance, and automation to complex Edge environments and supply chains, extending Zero Trust capabilities to secure IT to OT environments.
Nov 15, 2022   |  By Darron Antill
It’s breakthrough and game-changing for Biden’s SBOM and customers’ IoT Edge security and deployment challenges. This week the Device Authority team is proud to be releasing KeyScaler 7.0. This has been a seismic achievement, adding breakthrough features based on customer demand, as we advance our Product Led Growth Strategy to solve the Zero Trust for IoT security challenges. Device Authority’s breakthrough KeyScaler 7.0 release includes advanced Edge and SBOM capabilities.
Nov 11, 2022   |  By Louise José
During our recent webinar hosted by Device Authority’s Tyler Gannon and Imagination Technologies Marc Canel (Does new IoT security legislation make Zero Trust the only strategy?). We ran a poll asking attendees about their understanding of SBOM; one of the options was “SBOMs are a roadmap to the attacker”.
Nov 9, 2022   |  By Louise José
As the number of IoT devices grows, predicted “to reach 27 billion or more by 2025 (IDC, IoT Analytics)”, so does the need for IoT device management companies and security solutions. While there are many benefits to the IoT, there are also security risks that come along with it. Gartner estimates that “75% of security failures will result from inadequate management of identities, access, and privileges” by 2023.
Nov 8, 2022   |  By Louise José
IoT device lifecycle management is the process of managing the entire life cycle of an IoT device, from conception and design to manufacturing and distribution, to installation and eventual decommissioning. The goal of IoT device lifecycle management is to ensure that devices are properly managed throughout their lifespan to maximise their operational efficiency and longevity.
Oct 31, 2022   |  By Louise José
Imagine this… you walk into work; you are the supervisor of an automated automotive production line for one of the largest global car manufacturers. Everyone from the last shift is still there, they are not packing up to go home, in fact, they are panicking. The production line has shut down, nothing is working, and computer screens along the production line display a ransom demand.
Oct 17, 2022   |  By Louise José
Have you noticed it’s never “Hey, someone got by a firewall” or “WOW, they bypassed the network security”? No. It’s always about the Device. It’s the same for hackers because everything else is just a means to an end, and that end is your Device! Imagine, late at night, driving around the Amusement Park security gate, then busting open the locked gated fence. These actions are necessary to get to the big score, the Rides! Yaaahoo!
May 7, 2021   |  By Device Authority
Secure Code Signing and Update Delivery for the Internet of Things (IoT) with Venafi CodeSign Protect and Device Authority KeyScaler platform
Nov 23, 2020   |  By Device Authority
Using Device Authority's KeyScaler platform to manage PKI certificate provisioning to Microsoft Azure Sphere devices.
Aug 14, 2020   |  By Device Authority
Automated Certificate Provisioning and Management with Device Authority's KeyScaler and Azure IoT Central

Device Authority is a global leader in Identity and Access Management (IAM) for the Internet of Things (IoT). Our KeyScaler™ platform provides trust for IoT devices to help enterprises protect their investment and their customers from cyber attacks. As the professional IoT world rapidly expanded, our founders saw a need for a centralised security solution to help enterprises keep their devices safe from malicious attacks.

The state-of-the-art KeyScaler™ platform has been continuously developed over the years to provide advanced technology for customers. Device Authority helps well-renowned customers around the world protect their brand integrity, and develop new IoT devices with built-in security measures from the start.

A single platform to manage your device permissions, secure your data’s privacy, automate security protocols, and maintain compliance:

  • KeyScaler Identities: Increase efficiency and reduce IT overheads with automated password/ certificate management.
  • KeyScaler Data Security: Patented technology automates compliance and prevents disruption, espionage, and attacks.
  • KeyScaler Secure Updates: Your best defence against security breaches through unauthorised software or firmware updates.
  • KeyScaler HSM Access Controller: Mitigate security risks, accelerate time to market, and protect brand reputation with HSM Access Controller
  • KeyScaler Edge: Manage authorisation at scale with device identity, integration, and automation.

Your company’s ultimate cybersecurity protection.