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Install the Veracode IntelliJ Plugin

In this video, you will learn how to install the Veracode IntelliJ Plugin, generate API ID and key credentials in the Veracode platform, and store those credentials in IntelliJ. The Veracode IntelliJ Plugin enables you to upload binaries to the Veracode Platform for static security analysis. You can then review the scan results from within IntelliJ IDEA to identify and mitigate potential security findings in your applications.

Veracode Container Security

Introducing Veracode Container Security - this new tool is now seamlessly integrated with the Continuous Software Security Platform. Veracode Container Security is a command line interface (CLI) tool that integrates into your pipeline with ease. This empowers developers to secure containers earlier in the software development life cycle, ensuring containers are built and deployed securely.

Veracode SCA Scan for VS Code Plugin

Introducing the Veracode SCA Scan for VS Code Plugin Developers can now: · Run an SCA Scan with Veracode· Identify vulnerabilities and license risks in open-source dependencies· Prioritize and rapidly fix any issues· Access the Veracode database, remediation guidance, and more All from within VS Code! Easily download the extension from the VS Code Marketplace.

Install Greenlight Visual Studio Extension

In this video, you will learn how to install the Veracode Greenlight for Visual Studio extension. Veracode Greenlight finds the defects in your code as you write it and provides recommendations and code examples to help you fix them directly in your IDE. It allows you to write quality secure code from the very beginning while perfecting your understanding of application security Best Practices.

Configure the API Credentials File on Windows

In this video, you will learn how to generate Veracode API credentials in the Veracode Platform and configure an API credentials file for storing your API credentials on Windows. Veracode API credentials consist of an ID and secret key. You use these credentials to access the Veracode APIs and Veracode integrations. API ID and key authentication provides improved security and session management for accessing the APIs.