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Elevating IoT Security: Brivo's Advanced Protocols & Firmware

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, the Internet of Things (IoT) is reshaping how we interact with our environment, making it more connected and intelligent. At Brivo, we're at the forefront of this revolution, ensuring the security of IoT products is never compromised. Dive into our latest video where John Szczygiel, a visionary in IoT security, unveils the updated protocols and firmware that are setting new standards for IoT safety. Discover how Brivo's commitment to product security is creating a safer IoT ecosystem for everyone.

2024 Security Trends Unveiled: Merging Cyber & Physical Realms

Dive deep into the future of security with our latest video, "2024 Security Trends Unveiled: Merging Cyber & Physical Realms." Kerstin Demko, our CSO, shares invaluable insights from the 2024 Trends Report, highlighting the evolving landscape where cyber and physical security converge.

AI Workload Security

AI usage has exploded. In just a few years, it's gone from something the enterprise should track to a powerful technology set we rely on. This sharp rise has created a world of opportunity and a new set of security challenges that we need to be aware of, but not scared of. And that's why I'm excited to share our new AI workload security feature. By understanding where they are running, Sysdig helps you control shadow AI and active AI risk and keeps you ahead of emerging AI regulations because you'll know what AI workloads you have, where they are, and what risks are associated with them.

AI in Security: Navigating Deep Fakes & Identity Theft

Dive into the future of security with Brivo as we explore the cutting-edge intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and security threats. In this eye-opening video, Steve Van Till, our expert, unveils the emerging challenges of deep fakes, identity theft, and large-scale cyber crimes that AI brings to the forefront. Discover how Brivo's innovative solutions are paving the way for safer, smarter spaces in the face of these digital dangers. Don't miss out on expert insights and actionable tips to protect your digital identity and assets.

The Rising Costs of Cybersecurity: Budgets and Priorities

In this clip, the discussion focuses on the increasing costs of cybersecurity and the need for dedicated security budgets separate from IT. With certifications becoming more expensive and vendors raising prices, organisations must navigate tight budgets while ensuring robust security measures. Understand the economic pressures and strategies for maintaining effective security.