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Developer Update: Managed rule set enhancements

The team at LimaCharlie has been heads down working on making some big improvements to the platform. This month we have been doing a lot of work to make the function of imported rules more visible. At LimaCharlie we believe cybersecurity needs to be transparent: the exact set of malicious activity and behavior you’re protected from should be known and you should be able to test/prove this. Users can now click on individual rules from Sigma and Soteria rulesets; they can see the content of all Sigma rules, as well as enable/disable individual rules from both rulesets.

The New Innovators Pavilion in The Hub at Fal.Con 2022

Get to know some of the companies who exhibited in the New Innovators Pavilion in the heart of the Fal.Con 2022 Hub! These partners are building new, innovative solutions in, around and with the CrowdStrike platform. Hear from Freddy Ludiazo at Cyber Defense Labs , Adam Pomson at Adaptive Shield, and Oliver Wai with JumpCloud.

CrowdStrike Store - Falcon Intelligence

Description: In this video, we will demonstrate the power of the automated threat intelligence available with Falcon Intelligence. Having sandbox analysis available directly in the CrowdStrike UI provides security teams with more context to make security decisions while also making them more efficient and effective given their limited time and resources.

The Role of AI/ML and Automation in CyberSecurity

Let’s talk about having automation tools and AI/ML for cyber security. To combat the bad guys trying to break into your environment all the time, you need tools that can: In fact, you must automate 99% of your alerts because if humans have to do it, they will feel overloaded and make mistakes. But you can’t replace human judgment. It’s like flying a plane. Most of the time, it flies on autopilot. But at crucial moments like take off, landing, or when there’s a thunderstorm, the pilot disengages the autopilot and actively takes the wheel.

Rezilion-Azure DevOps Integration

Azure DevOps is Microsoft’s Software as a Service (SaaS) platform providing developers a comprehensive DevOps platform to develop and deploy software. By integrating directly with Azure DevOps, Rezilion’s platform first helps customers discover all software components in their environment, then using granular run-time validation helps them prioritize vulnerabilities that are exploitable and eliminate what isn’t relevant. This allows developers to focus on what matters most and remediate strategically.