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Cost Reduction and Offensive Security with the Help of Trustwave

An exclusive look inside Trustwave Spiderlabs, where our commitment to excellence in financial and technical services shines through every test we conduct. Join Damian Archer, Vice President of Trustwave Spiderlabs, as he unveils the secrets to substantial cost savings while maintaining the highest quality standards.

How to Share a Keeper Record on Android

Keeper’s Android mobile app makes it easy to securely share records with friends and family. To share a record with another Keeper user, select the record from your vault and tap Share, then Share with User. Enter the user's email address or select it from the dropdown, then use the toggle buttons to choose what permissions the user will receive such as: “Can Edit”, “Can Share” and "Make Owner". If you do not enable any permissions, the user will have “view only” access. Upon tapping Save, the user will receive an email notifying them that you have shared a record.

How to Perform Download Disk with BDRSuite

Download Disk allows you to perform Cross Hypervisor Migration (V2V) allows converting VMs from VMware to Hyper-V environment and vice versa, giving you the flexibility needed for variable use cases. Backups can be exposed and downloaded in a different virtual formats – VHD, VHDX, Flat-VMDK, VMDK, or RAW. Restore and attach specific VM Disks to the same/different virtual machine to access the files/folders.

How to recover instantly using Disk Mount Recovery

The Disk Mount Recovery option mounts the backed-up VM’s disk to the Disk Management Service of the Microsoft Windows machine on which the BDRSuite Backup Server is hosted; it is done through BDRSuite Virtual Drive that grants access to your backup data instantly through the file explorer, without having to restore the entire backup.

How to choose the Best Node.js Docker Image

Today we walk through the best options for your Node.js Docker Image, how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes, and the best ways to strengthen the security of your projects effectively. ⏲️ Chapters ⏲️ ⚒️ About Snyk ⚒️ Snyk helps you find and fix vulnerabilities in your code, open-source dependencies, containers, infrastructure-as-code, software pipelines, IDEs, and more! Move fast, stay secure.