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How to Migrate Snyk to the new Bitbucket Cloud App Integration

Snyk has a new and improved Bitbucket Cloud App. The new Snyk Security for Bitbucket Cloud App features the same Bitbucket experience with a streamlined onboarding process and improved enterprise functionality. Here's how to migrate your existing Snyk as Bitbucket Cloud App (Legacy)—to the new Bitbucket Cloud App integration.

The Simply Cyber Report: November 29, 2022

Most commonly used passwords in 2022. A new red teaming tool called Nighthawk. Avast has published a report on the Venomsoft malware chrome extension. WhatsApp data leak: 500 million user records for sale. Recommendations that statistically reduces the number of cyber incidents experienced by a business by a whopping 85%.

How to secure Docker Containers - Container Security Best Practices

How do you secure your Docker containers against the latest vulnerabilities? What tools help your containers stay secure from the #Dockerfile through the runtime? Where is scanning most effective in the container lifecycle? We compiled a short list of security best practices to keep your #containers safe and answer these questions.

Configure the API Credentials File on Windows

In this video, you will learn how to generate Veracode API credentials in the Veracode Platform and configure an API credentials file for storing your API credentials on Windows. Veracode API credentials consist of an ID and secret key. You use these credentials to access the Veracode APIs and Veracode integrations. API ID and key authentication provides improved security and session management for accessing the APIs.

Extend endpoint visibility with Google Chrome and Splunk security

Ever wondered how to find bad actors using only browser data? Attend this session to get a deeper understanding of the integration between Google Chrome and Splunk. See how to ingest data, and use it for threat hunting and adversarial identification. Speaker: James Young - Staff Security Strategist

How to Improve CISO & Board Member Communication

Here is how to establish successful 2-way communication between the board members and CISOs: Beating the learning curve If you’re a board member, it’s not considered okay if you show up to a meeting without knowing what’s EBITA. But it's perfectly acceptable for you to not know security, which is not good. So it’s your responsibility to educate yourself on cybersecurity. Similarly, CISOs need to learn to express technical things in business language. Seeing the CISO as a true business partner

The Simply Cyber Report: November 14, 2022

The top cyber news stories you need to know about right now. CISA make range available to all 50 states. New rules around blue checkmarks on Twitter cause swings in the stock market. Mondelez International has settled its lawsuit against Zurich American Insurance Company, which it brought because the insurer refused to cover the snack giant's $100-million-plus cleanup bill following the 2017 NotPetya outbreak.