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SREs bring ORDER(R) to CHAOS

Categorizing the challenges and duties of your trusted friend, the site reliability engineer (SRE). From Snyk Ambassador Keith McDuffee, DevSecOps and founder of “What’s the difference between a DevOps engineer and a site reliability engineer?” It’s a question I hear all the time — and one I’ve heard (and sometimes asked) in job interviews. But is there a correct answer? It all depends on who you ask.

Automating Impact Analysis for Site Reliability Engineering Teams

Site Reliability Engineers (SREs) face very complicated problems every day. Our team at Bionic has recently been speaking with a lot of SRE leaders and learning about the ongoing challenges they face daily such as: A common response in these situations is that documentation needs to be more complete and up to date, which is not the best answer. Keeping documentation manually updated in a modern CI/CD pipeline does not scale.


Automate Your Cloud Operations With Humio and Fylamynt

A new API integration for Humio and Fylamynt helps joint customers improve the efficiency of their cloud operations teams by automating repetitive and manual operations tasks. Fylamynt, a low-code platform that delivers a developer’s approach to ITOps with site reliability engineering (SRE), works with Humio to empower faster response times to critical operational issues, reduce human error and increase productivity so DevOps teams can focus on adding value through innovation.

Access Control Podcast: Episode 9 - SRE-Powered Dev Productivity

In this ninth episode of Access Control, a podcast providing practical security advice for startups, Developer Relations Engineer at Teleport Ben Arent chats with Mario Loria. Mario is a Senior SRE at Carta who has been leading their move to Kubernetes and other cloud native technologies. Carta helps companies and investors manage their cap tables, valuations, investments, and equity plans. As users of Carta, we hope their security is top notch. Today we’ll be chatting about orchestrating Kubernetes, training teams on cloud native, and optimizing for the developer experience!