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Managing Cybersecurity Risk from the CI/CD Pipeline to the Board Room

In this panel conversation with leaders in cybersecurity, get advice and insights into navigating between IT and Security teams with the advancement of “shift left” concepts as security increasingly moves to development teams and DevOps grows in importance. Further, hear tips and advice on educating Board Audit Committees and Executive Leaders on cloud trends and risk focus areas to maximize investment and focus on the risks that matter to the business.

Breaking the Cloud to Build the Cloud

There’s no such thing as a perfectly secure cloud environment. Vulnerabilities, holes left open by misconfigurations, over-permissive roles, and more create a target-rich environment for attackers. Breaking the cloud for good is the job of these expert hackers. View this panel session to learn about offensive security techniques and tactics for breaking the cloud to build the cloud better.

Egnyte + Google Cloud

Secure sensitive data amid a frictionless collaboration experience with Egnyte and Google Cloud. Automate discovery, control and protection of data wherever work happens to simplify compliance and security processes. Protect data across multi- and hybrid cloud environments, reduce attack surfaces, and enact better data governance — all from a single control panel.

Cybersecurity in the Age of Regulation - Sysdig

Cybersecurity breaches are becoming more frequent and more impactful. Adversaries continue to grow stronger, and defenders aren’t always keeping pace. On July 26th, 2023, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission issued new regulations on cybersecurity risk management, strategy, governance, and incident disclosure, leaving many companies concerned about how to ensure compliance with these new rules, and what changes they may need to make to get up to speed.

Deloitte & Memcyco Exclusive Panel: The Untold Cost of website and SSO impersonation attacks

Cyber iCON 2024: Event sponsor, Memcyco, and host, Deloitte, present their cybersecurity partnership and market offering that will redefine what “cyber threat intelligence” can and should mean. Alongside exclusively invited partners, they’ll be sharing expert insight and stunning innovations in digital domain protection. This will be a unique platform for industry leaders hungry to fortify cyber threat defenses and exchange ideas while discovering breakthrough strategies and technologies.

The DevSecOps Hangout

Curious to see what all the AI/ML hype is about? Watch our DevSecOps Hangout and hear how ML Model management benefits organizations by providing a single place to manage ALL software binaries, bringing DevOps best practices to ML development, and allowing organizations to ensure the integrity and security of ML models – all while leveraging an existing solution they already have in place. Watch our expert educational talks and panel discussion with our Technology Partner Qwak on MLOps, DevSecOps, AI, and Machine Learning.