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Understanding the Internet-Connected Branch | Zero Trust Architect

Are you confused about what the Internet-connected branch can mean for your business? Whether you're an IT, networking, or security professional, this video will provide you with valuable insights into the Internet-connected branch and how SSE can help you protect it.

Special message from Gil Azrielant | Atmos Winter Release 2022

Tis’ the SSEason! This year, Axis is giving the gift of innovation. With SSE top of mind for almost every IT leader, we thought hard about innovative capabilities that would help make adoption simple for IT, and immediately valuable to the business. We are happy to announce the 2022 Atmos Winter Release.

Why Security Service Edge (SSE) Architecture Matters

The architecture of any security platform has a huge impact on its ability to protect your business. This still applies when evaluating a Security Service Edge (SSE) platform. Not all SSE platforms are made equal and the proof is in the way it was architected. Learn why architecture matters when selecting a SSE solution and different factors you should be aware of.

New risk findings will make you rethink VPN | VPN Risk Report 2022

The findings in Cybersecurity Insiders 2022 VPN Risk report really give you pause for consideration. Why settle for legacy VPN technology when you can adopt zero trust access with a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) service. We’ll even help you get there! Let us buyback your VPN contract and you’ll get 6-months of free service with Axis’ Modern-Day ZTNA.