Get the Most Out of the Desktop App with Search, Recents

Egnyte users want to get the files they need as fast as possible. Less time spent scouring folders means more time doing the work that really matters, and one of the best ways to do that is with the Egnyte Desktop App. With the Egnyte Desktop App you get real-time access to all your files and folders stored in the cloud, directly from your computer.

The Journey to 7X Search Performance Improvement

Egnyte is used by our customers as a unified platform to govern and secure billions of files everywhere. As the amount of data stored is huge, customers want to search their dataset by metadata attributes like name, user, comments, custom metadata, and many more, including the possibility to find files by content keywords. Taking all of that into consideration, we needed to provide a solution that is able to find relevant content in a fast and accurate way.