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Mar 20, 2023   |  By Devo
Due to economic pressures, staffing reductions, and lack of available talent, CISOs today are facing extreme pressure to do more with less. And retaining your best employees during tough times is becoming a major challenge across industries. Research at Devo shows SOC analysts are feeling stressed over too much work and not enough resources. In fact, more than 71% of SOC professionals we surveyed said they’re likely to quit their job because of information overload and lack of tools.
Mar 17, 2023   |  By Gunther Ollmann
It’s hard to go a day without some headline touting how generative AI is transforming the future of work. And this sentiment certainly rings true in the security industry as security operations centers (SOCs) continue to mature their security posture with automation so that they can protect their enterprise and customer data. But how are leaders and teams feeling about the progress of AI adoption and how the tools are being used?
Mar 14, 2023   |  By Marc van Zadelhoff
Mass layoffs. Budget cuts. Funding shortages. Fears of recession. Headlines paint a bleak picture for organizations in 2023. To prepare for the turbulent year ahead, companies are scaling back their spending in droves. Yet, amid ruthless cost-cutting, many organizations are still prioritizing their investments in bulking up cybersecurity defenses. The question is, what are they spending these budgets on?
On March 1, 2023, the US White House released the long-awaited National Cybersecurity Strategy. As a product manager, I am often the voice of the customer, and our customer’s should be excited about this strategy. Throughout the strategy it is clear that the needs of the end users have been prioritized compared to other stakeholders. After reading this cover to cover, here are some nuggets of insight that our customers should be aware of.
Feb 28, 2023   |  By The Devo Team
With the rapid expansion in both scale and variety of technologies in modern business systems, there comes a need to further secure those technologies to prevent nefarious actors from causing havoc. The expanding data landscape creates a much larger attack surface for bad actors to exploit, and as a result leaves many organizations at risk from theft, fraud or other undesirable behavior.
Feb 13, 2023   |  By The SciSec Research Team
Authentication, at its core, is the act of verifying credentials. In the case of human beings, it’s as simple as answering the question, “Who are you, and how do I know for sure it’s you?” Authentication is something we’re constantly engaging with in everyday life.
Feb 7, 2023   |  By The Devo Team
Last Summer, President Biden issued Executive Order 14028 to help boost and improve government cybersecurity operations in response to increased threats worldwide. Memorandum OMB-21-31 from the Office of Management and Budget soon followed, which explained the critical role data log collection and analysis play across all branches of the Federal Government.
Feb 2, 2023   |  By The Devo Team
Our SOC Performance Report found that it takes an average of seven months to fill open SOC positions, and 55% of those doing the hiring are struggling to find qualified staff. As a result, SOC resources are strained, putting the team at risk for fatigue and burnout, which can cause them to miss critical alerts. Research has shown this is a widespread issue, too, as most SOCs waste an average of 10,000 hours annually validating unreliable and incorrect alerts.
Jan 31, 2023   |  By Chris Phillips
How to Create an IP Search Activeboard How to Add More Data How to Create a User Search Activeboard Having the ability to easily visualize and analyze security data is key to being able to quickly spot and thwart bad actors. Devo provides an easy way to do this with Devo Activeboards, an intuitive, interactive way to visualize data being ingested into the Devo Platform. Activeboards can be used to assist analysts in incident response (IR) or threat hunting activities. How?
Jan 23, 2023   |  By Kayla Williams
In our post-pandemic world, more and more individuals are splitting their time between the corporate office and their home office or working remotely full-time. This shift is blurring the lines between professional and personal cyber hygiene and privacy, which can pose a significant risk to organizations.
Feb 28, 2023   |  By Devo
Devo DeepTrace is the ultimate capability for security teams to identify attacks, as it performs autonomous investigation and threat hunting using attack-tracing AI.
Jan 10, 2023   |  By Devo
To keep you informed of the evolution of data over time and to help you with the information-sharing process, Devo offers the possibility of a periodic PDF report via email. Table of Contents In the following link, you will find everything you need to know about scheduling reports.
Dec 29, 2022   |  By Devo
For operational and security insights into your Amazon Web Services content, the AWS content pack provides a comprehensive set of resources.
Dec 9, 2022   |  By Devo
To help organizations enhance Palo Alto Networks security solutions, Devo provides the Devo 360 for Palo Alto application, where cloud-native logging and security analytics meets Palo Alto Networks firewall technology.
Nov 18, 2022   |  By Devo
To optimize resources and detect threats targeting your Crowdstrike infrastructure, the Devo 360 for Crowdstrike application provides real-time security solutions.
Nov 7, 2022   |  By Devo
If you want to secure and maximize Amazon Web Service security solutions, Devo provides the 360 for AWS Application.
Oct 25, 2022   |  By Devo
Due to the vast amounts of possibilities inside Devo, some of the data you need for a specific task may slip through your fingers. Devo Exchange now offers the possibility to work with synthetic data, data sets injected into your domain for a variety of purposes.
Oct 20, 2022   |  By Devo
The Data Search view has long provided quick and easy ways to build queries, plotting the results onto virtual data tables. Now, you can choose to view these results as a comprehensive list of fields and their values using List view.
Oct 6, 2022   |  By Devo
In our ongoing efforts to enhance your platform capabilities, Devo Exchange provides use cases and data to help you tackle a variety of contexts to boost your data analysis.
Sep 8, 2022   |  By Devo
Your best ally to monitor Proxy Bluecoat activity!
Jan 31, 2019   |  By Devo
Data growth is running at close to seven exabytes per day; estimates are that in three to five years' time, growth will be closer to 15 to 25 exabytes per day. Yet many organizations fail to realize the business value of their data, lack the tools and processes to collect and analyze data more effectively, and do not understand how to calculate its return on investment (ROI) potential.
Jan 1, 2019   |  By Devo
The Devo architecture is designed to collect, analyze, and provide insight from more data faster, and to scale as data grows using a fraction of the resources required by other solutions. The Devo Data Operations Platform avoids the bottleneck of indexing data at ingestion without the penalty of slower query response.
Dec 1, 2018   |  By Devo
The Devo Data Operations Platform provides a machine data management and analytics platform that enables companies to extend operational insights beyond IT and into the digital business.
Nov 1, 2018   |  By Devo
This paper examines a problem many enterprises share: operationalizing increasing amounts of historical as well as real-time data, with a sustainable business model.
Oct 1, 2018   |  By Devo
Enterprises are dealing with a rapidly changing and growing IT environment that includes traditional systems and desktops as well as cloud resources and an ever-changing constellation of edge computing devices. Enterprises facing the difficult choice among "build your own," "buy solutions from their suppliers," or integrating open source projects would be well served by learning more about Devo.

Devo delivers real-time operational and business insights from analytics on streaming and historical data to operations, IT, security and business teams at the world’s largest organizations. The Devo Data Operations Platform collects, enhances and analyzes machine, business and operational data, at scale, from across the enterprise.

Devo is the leading Data Operations Platform for the digital enterprise. Devo delivers real-time business value from analytics on streaming and historical data to help Fortune 1000 enterprises drive sustained performance and growth.

Devo is a new approach to real-time operational analytics:

  • Free yourself from data management: The Devo approach to indexing and storage enables you to collect and analyze 100% of your machine data at 80% lower cost.
  • Massively parallelize everything: Devo parallelizes every step of the data pipeline, so you can analyze 1M EPS while ingesting 150K EPS, all on a single core - with no compromises.
  • Data & insights at everyone's fingertips: Devo makes machine data and insights accessible to all through an API or our visual UI.
  • Machine learning you can act on: Leverage Devo domain-specific applications, or integrate your own models to act in real time across security, IT operations, service delivery, and more.

Are your data operations ready for petabyte-level growth? Capture and act on 100% of your machine data at 20% of the cost.