How to Use Facial Recognition for Face Search

How to Use Facial Recognition for Face Search

The lives of modern people are becoming increasingly comfortable and productive, all thanks to the rapid advancement of innovative technologies. Nowadays, to communicate with acquaintances, make purchases, and pay for services, all you need to do is connect your device to the internet. Have you lost contact with an old acquaintance? This is easily remedied by Face search person by photo. The principle of search work is as simple as possible. To get the necessary information you should simply upload a photo to the search engine.

However, even in the virtual world, falling victim to fraudsters is possible. A reliable safeguard against fraud during online transactions is verifying one's identity.

Extensive functionality

If you're an avid user of virtual communication, a face image search service should be a must-have tool for you. Here's why:

  • ability to search for sources of any picture;
  • calculation of fake images, news on web resources;
  • search for the author of content by photo to comply with copyright;
  • verifying the identity of the person in the image (for online dating, social networking);
  • the ability to find out if the image has been used elsewhere on the Internet;
  • identity verification to avoid interaction with fraudsters.

The service operates on the principle of meticulously analyzing the geometric and textural features of a person's face, enabling identification and authentication based on its distinct physical characteristics.

How to conduct a reverse image search

Incorporate face search by photo into your daily life. Nowadays, numerous services exist to assist you in accomplishing this task. For your own safety, it's advisable to opt for a trustworthy one. X-Ray Contact specializes in scanning faces in photos and searching for individuals with similar data in public databases. Its cost is reasonable and varies based on your requirements. The search process is fast and straightforward:

  • Visit X-Ray Contact's official website.
  • Navigate to the “Platform” tab on the main page.
  • Choose “Image” as the input channel.
  • Upload an image or input a URL link to the website where you found the image.
  • Receive a comprehensive report on the individual, including their full name, contact details, personal information, social media links, family and work details, location, and more.

Additionally, there are other options available, such as Microsoft Azure Face API. This service offers comprehensive recognition capabilities, including user identity verification, face search in images and videos, face matching recognition, and more. However, its price is relatively high.

Google Images is suitable for verifying results obtained from more advanced programs. Users can upload an image or specify the URL they want to search. Google will display visually similar images and the web pages where they appear. However, there is a significant margin of error to consider.

Benefits of the system

The range of tools for reverse facial image search is extensive, serving purposes from unlocking your phone to checking for illegal image use. Its benefits are undeniable:

  1. Reconnecting with old contacts: Imagine you've lost touch with a longtime friend and wish to reconnect, or you forgot to exchange contacts with a potential partner. You can achieve this by utilizing an old photo.
  2. Ensuring privacy and security: Employ effective tools to manage your online presence. If your photos are used without your consent, you'll be promptly alerted.
  3. Adhering to community rules and copyright laws: Reverse facial image search aids in filtering content by identifying unauthorized or inappropriate use of images.

Technology is actively used in various spheres: photography, online shopping, journalism, both for professional and personal needs. It greatly simplifies life, making it more comfortable.


Certainly, this technology is far from perfect and requires further improvement and refinement. However, such a tool is gradually becoming an essential component of every user's life. X-Ray Contact caters to individuals, companies, and organizations alike. Give this system a try, and you'll be able to appreciate its benefits.