Netwrix Password Secure

Netwrix Password Secure

Jul 31, 2023

Netwrix Password Secure is a comprehensive password management solution that empowers users to securely store, generate, and share passwords while offering various authentication methods for enhanced security. With robust end-to-end encryption and customizable policies, it ensures organizations can strengthen their password security and compliance measures.

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How many strong passwords can you realistically expect a person to memorize? Five? Ten? But users today have dozens or even hundreds of credentials! It’s no wonder that they tend to pick simple passwords and reuse them across systems — which puts your organization at serious risk of costly data breaches, downtime, and compliance penalties.
But what if you could make secure password management easy? Now you can. With Netwrix Password Secure, users need to authenticate just once, and the solution takes care of all the rest.

  • Once a user has authenticated, they can log in to all systems without even knowing the passwords, and access websites and web applications simply by clicking a browser extension.
  • Netwrix Password Secure stores all credentials in a central vault and makes it easy for users to access them from any device. It simplifies password creation by automatically generating strong passwords and enables seamless sharing of passwords and other confidential information within the organization. All these processes are secured with robust end-to-end encryption, ensuring the highest level of security.
  • IT teams can easily and accurately provision each user with exactly the credentials they need, thanks to a role-based access model and easy integration with identity repositories like Active Directory.
  • You can choose the best authentication method for different users, whether that’s AD credentials, passwordless authentication or a master password. Plus, you can require additional authentication factors, such as a code from the authenticator apps that everyone already knows.
  • Administrators can easily create effective password policies, identify weak passwords, monitor credential use, and roll back unwanted changes, all from a single console.
  • Your organization can prove compliance and ensure accountability with a complete audit trail of every password-related event.
  • And you stay in control of your sensitive data by hosting Netwrix Password Secure in your own datacenter or your own cloud infrastructure.
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