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Getting Started with Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance

In 2022, Microsoft rebranded its compliance and risk management tools under the name Microsoft Purview. Microsoft Purview provides a wealth of valuable functionality, including capabilities formerly provided by tools like Office 365 Security and Compliance, Microsoft 365 Security Center and Microsoft Compliance Manager.

Securing the Cloud: A Comprehensive Guide to Identity and Access Management

In the not-so-distant past, managing user identities and access controls was a relatively straightforward process. Organizations operated within the confines of their on-premises networks where users logged onto a single system to access the resources they needed. This well-defined perimeter enabled IT departments to maintain tight control over who accessed what and from where. However, the advent of cloud computing has disrupted this traditional paradigm.

How to Install Microsoft SQL Server

SQL Server is a widely used relational database management system (RDBMS) developed by Microsoft. It provides secure, scalable and high-performance storage and management of structured and unstructured data. SQL Server offers a wide range of features and tools for database administration, development, business intelligence and advanced analytics.

Integrate Identity and Access Management with HIPAA, NIST, GDPR and CCPA in Healthcare

The healthcare sector is a top target of cyber criminals eager to steal sensitive data and extort high ransoms. The key to thwarting costly attacks is to understand that identity is the new security perimeter. By implementing robust identity and access management (IAM), healthcare organizations can significantly enhance their security and cyber resilience. This article explains the role of IAM in healthcare and details the most pressing IAM gaps to address.

The Top 5 Areas of Your IT Ecosystem to Monitor in 2024

In today’s complex IT ecosystems, extending equal protection across the entire network is simply not feasible. Instead, organizations need to determine which systems are inherently most critical and prioritize maintaining their operational integrity through effective IT monitoring: tracking performance and activity across servers, applications and other technology components.

Identity and Access Management Assessment: Key Features

Choosing the right identity and access management (IAM) solution is an important task. Organizations need to properly manage user accounts and other identities and ensure they have exactly the appropriate access to data, applications and other resources. After all, if users do not have all the rights they need, they cannot do their jobs and business processes suffer.

Navigating Security Concerns: Microsoft Copilot's Integration with Microsoft 365

There are so many exciting things happening in the AI space currently. One of them is the integration of Microsoft Copilot, a generative AI, with Microsoft 365 applications. This fusion brings Copilot’s capabilities into the suite’s comprehensive office productivity tools to transform daily workloads and enhance productivity efficiency through the automation of mundane tasks, alongside offering insights and analyzing data. Key features include.

Manage Exchange Online with Exchange Admin Center

Managing email services efficiently is essential for any organization’s productivity and security in the modern digital workspace. This blog will discuss Exchange Online administrative tasks and how to streamline their management process. Before we discuss how to manage Exchange Online, we’ll explore its history.

Tutorial: Learn the Basics of Active Directory

Active Directory (AD) is the cornerstone of any on-premises or hybrid Microsoft environment. It stores information about users, computers and other objects, and provides vital services that enable employees to be productive and business processes to run. This article covers the Active Directory basics you need to know.